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Raised Garden Bed Design made out of cinder blocks! Cinder Block Garden iSaveA2Z. Raised beds can be made from all kinds of materials, but I love the idea of using cinder blocks because they have many advantages of their own. We are not going to have brick layers and mortar but when DH finishes the raised cinderblock bed will be neat and allow for pain free gardening.

cinder block garden bed designs 2After seeing a bunch of folks putting my previous beds on Pinterest I figured Im long overdue for an update. For those of you finding this post for the first time let me fill you in on the past years experiments. In cities, concrete block garden beds are a great idea, says Eliza Fournier, urban youth programs director at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Fournier adds that in addition to flowers, you can just as easily grow vegetables, and any kind will thrive. So you have lousy soil or limited space, but you still want to garden? Got cinder blocks? Build a raised bed garden!.

So don’t be hesitant, come and enjoy our 28 great garden bed edging ideas. You can do it by yourself and you will find it is so interesting and easy a thing to renovate your garden edging. Another fast, cheap method of building raised beds is to use concrete construction blocks. They have a big bonus. But there are ways to build a raised bed garden without breaking the bank, and I’m here to show you how.

2013 Design Of Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden

DIY with cinder blocks can be a whole lot of fun and super gratifying, as the unique design of these blocks can be leveraged to create any number of things for the home. I’m planning to expand it soon, glad to have these new ideas from this article. car locksmith Houston. If you are concerned about underground pests constantly messing with your garden, the solution is rather simple: a raised garden bed with cinder blocks. This DIY project can be easily made, especially if you have some blocks used in some other project before and salvaged; the result is the same if you use new cinder blocks. A bed frame can be a costly, and awkward to manoeuvre piece of furniture but this cinder block option is much more affordable and versatile. Simply lay out rows of breeze blocks on the floor and as long as you remember to put a mattress over them, then you shouldn’t notice any discomfort compared to a normal wooden frame. Outdoor Bench Made from Painting Upcycled Cinder Blocks and Carcassing Timber. My hope is that this marriage of hugelkultur and square foot gardening will meld the strengths of both. A photo gallery of raised bed garden designs, using a variety of new and recycled materials. Will spark your own creativity, and get you thinking outside the box. Some concrete block is made of straight cement and aggregate, and this kind would be fine for a raised bed vegetable garden.

Top 28 Surprisingly Awesome Garden Bed Edging Ideas

Is there any drawback beyond asthetics to using cinderblock for a vegetable garden? I needed really strong garden walls, because I design my garden beds to practice deep Hugelkultur in all of them. Example of Hugelkultur in raised garden beds. Looking to make some DIY raised garden beds for your homestead or garden? Right now, we just plant our seeds directly into the ground, but we have big plans for an extensive raised garden bed system. CINDER BLOCK GARDEN BEDS. I blogged about this DIY Outdoor Bench in my recent post on affordable outdoor DIY projects. This DIY Concrete Block Bed Base featured at Remodelista shows the power of good design and the strategic use of paint. If you are looking for some raised bed garden designs that are easy, check this out! This is one of the easiest raised garden plans out there!.