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After seeing a bunch of folks putting my previous beds on Pinterest I figured Im long overdue for an update. For those of you finding this post for the first time let me fill you in on the past years experiments. Concrete Raised Garden Beds (Easy to build, and fairly cheap). The blocks are 8x 8x 16, and each large bed has 90 blocks with 30 caps. As a solution, concrete block raised bed gardening allows you to create ideal soil conditions while separating your sensitive plants from surrounding root spread. Simple raised beds only need one to two layers of concrete blocks creating the perimeter and this short height eliminates the need to mortar the blocks together.

cinder block raised garden bed design 2Another benefit of a raised concrete block bed is the ability to fill it with ideal soil. Another fast, cheap method of building raised beds is to use concrete construction blocks. They have a big bonus. Their holes can be filled with soil mix and planted with herbs or strawberries. Cinder blocks to build raised beds and also to plant directly inside the cells of this block are being promoted on Youtube videos and gardening sites. The process of creating cement locks these poisons into the blocks, but it is assumed that the blocks will be sealed and waterproofed, but even that process is toxic.

Here is a nice project of DIY raised garden bed with cinder blocks. Cinder blocks make great frames for a raised garden bed. Let’s see what I Save A2Z did and shared with us this garden bed design:. If you are concerned about underground pests constantly messing with your garden, the solution is rather simple: a raised garden bed with cinder blocks. But there are ways to build a raised bed garden without breaking the bank, and I’m here to show you how. Here’s an idea I’m seeing more of, and am digging: using concrete blocks!

Diy Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed (video)

cinder block raised garden bed design 3I found this raised bed vegetable garden design at another community garden. The owner used concrete blocks stood on end, and held together by a tensioned cable wrapped around the outside to keep them from splaying. Is there any drawback beyond asthetics to using cinderblock for a vegetable garden? I needed really strong garden walls, because I design my garden beds to practice deep Hugelkultur in all of them. Example of Hugelkultur in raised garden beds. I wanted to be able to continue gardening, despite my disabilities, so my sister and I designed these tall raised beds made from concrete blocks. An unique DIY edging can help infuse your garden bed with a cool sense of style that reflect your personality. 8. Make A Raised Bed Garden Out Of Cinder Blocks:. Cinder blocks provide an easy, low-cost alternative to lumber for raised-bed construction.

Diy Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed (video)