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I had been planning to build wooden raised beds, but was over a friend’s recently and hers were made from cinderblock which seemed 1) less time. Years ago I experimented with cinder blocks as borders for raised beds. I was thinking of doing a cinder block raised bed vegetable garden this year. Hardwood ash, bone meal, crushed marble or crushed oyster shells are other ways of increasing alkalinity. In other words, people planting in the holes of the cinder block vs using a raised bed of blocks.

cinder block vs wood raised bed 2Raised beds made from cinderblock can be constructed in a number of different ways. What are the pros and cons of using cement blocks for a raised bed? Once all the bricks are lined I will also be getting some nice treated wood to build around them. Barring frosts, wide breeze-block (cinder block) sized blocks should be fine? Most raised beds available today are made of cedar, recycled plastic or a composite material using wood flour and polypropylene. Although you can fashion a raised bed out of other materials such as heavy timbers, landscape blocks or water-filled plastic, commercially available raised beds usually stick to tried and true materials, and designs which are easy for a gardener to assemble. Wood is a natural material, and lends itself perfectly for garden beds which complement the natural beauty of the plantings.

Garden Tips – Cinderblock Raised Bed Cinderblock Versus Wood For Raised Beds Gardening Regarding Garden Cinderblock Raised Bed Garden Tips Cinderblock Raised Bed Garden Ideas. Wood, in my opinion, is the best material for raised garden boxes. People build their raised bed gardens in a variety of ways. The super rich posh people may use red cedar or stone. I am in the process of collecting my cinder blocks so I can start one. I moved into town and really miss my garden.

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I currently have a 5×10 concrete block raised garden and I am looking to expand. Wood beds are cheaper if you have a truck and trailor and a saw mill that cuts logs handy. I then went to cinder blocks and even though it doesn’t have the perfect straight line, I have no problems with it keeping together through the years. Especially if you get untreated wood (which doesn’t leach chemicals into the soil like treated wood does), you could be looking at replacing your beds in 5-8 years. If you are thinking about concrete raised beds for your backyard, let me share some tips and steps to create your own awesome garden:. Remember to not use cinder-block because it is made with fly ash and other harmful ingredients that can leach into your organic plants. Cement construction blocks are a cheap method of building raised beds. I live in oklahoma and i lo ve the thought of cinder blocks. i have always wanted a garden. most places wont allow unless they are attractive and well kept. Hi Doreen, I read your reply to the post about using cement block or wood for planters in Arizona and you recommended wood because of the night heat. Concrete Raised Garden Beds (Easy to build, and fairly cheap). comments (14) April 5th, 2010 Pin It. As a Learning Garden committee we decided that using concrete blocks as a raised bed material would be more sustainable than using any treated wood which would possibly expose our soil to chemicals. Cinder blocks to build raised beds and also to plant directly inside the cells of this block are being promoted on Youtube videos and gardening sites. Just go with untreated bare wood and you can’t go wrong.

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Excellent Cinderblock Versus Wood For Raised Beds Gardening Cinder Block Bed Cinder Block Bed Friday feature community gardens vynnie mcdaniels. Is it safe to use cinder blocks in a raised bed, or might chemicals from the concrete blocks leach out of the blocks to contaminate your soil and food plants you grow there?. Pressure treated lumber in raised vegetable bed. What types of wood should you build raised bed gardens? The argument here is that concrete contains chemicals and cinder block is often made from fly ash, which you wouldn’t want around your food. How to make inexpensive raised beds four different ideas! 7-container raised bed garden including tool rental, tools, lumber, and soil, and installing irrigation (which we’ve yet to finish setting up). I really want to add a cinder block raised bed along my existing block property wall.

First, they won’t deteriorate like wood and other materials will. In most of his cinder block beds he plants a variety of vegetables in the center and onions in the perimeter holes, and grows enough food to donate a huge amount to his local food bank.