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Read the Butcher Block Restoration discussion from the Chowhound food community. I am currently restoring it by sanding off the layers of accumulated dirt and cleaning it up as much as possible without loosing too much of its charm. While basic cleaning and maintenance keep a butcher block table in good shape through normal wear and tear, furniture in need of more drastic refurbishment benefits from a simple resurfacing. Buying antique, used, or abused butcher blocks on eBay can provide buyers with significant savings and unparalleled aesthetic potential over brand-new butcher block table tops. Cleaning and maintaining a butcher block is an essential part of using and prolonging the life of this kitchen cutting surface. Question: Cleaning an Old Butcher Block Wood Table.

clean antique butcher block table 2A popular find at antique stores and estate sales, many of the old butcher blocks, similar to that of our Monarch Block series, have been around since the early 1900s. You don’t want to refinish your butcher block, just clean it and keep it clean, which should be done by simply scraping it. There’s probably a special tool for it now, but it used to be that when butchers cleaned their butcher blocks, they would use a scraper made of a piece of steel with a wooden cap on it, which they’d sharpen on a stone to create an edge. I am request help and expertise from the group on the restoration of an antique butcher block. Wipe the whole thing down with mineral spirits, however many times it takes to get the wipe rag to come off clean. Final finish is dependent on what you want to do with the table.

Antique butcher block tables have a rich patina and wear marks that makes them See more about Butcher Block Tables, Butcher Blocks and Antiques. Its a solid wood restaurant butcher block table whch measures 24 X 24 X 10 thick! How to clean wood before restoration May 23, 2012 High quality woodworking videos? March 26, 2012 Ultimate Guide to Furniture Restoration August 1, 2011 wood you, could you? June 15, 2007. I recently took a palm sander to our home butcher block and wanted to share how easy it was to resurface and make look like new. After cleaning off the table, use the rough paper in the palm sander to take down the top and top sides in two passes.

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The most organic approach is table salt and lemon. We even have a kitchen island with a butcher block table top that we use as our everyday table. Today I am going to show you my foolproof, incredibly easy and chemical-free way of sterilizing wood cutting board surfaces, as well as how to restore or maintain an old cutting board to keep it looking rich and new instead of all dried out and sad. You don’t want deep cuts as they are harder to clean and can make an excellent hiding place for bacteria. A tutorial on how to refinish old wooden dough boards and butcher blocks/cutting boards. Whether she was at the sink washing green beans freshly picked from the garden, at the stove stirring a big pot of sauce, or sitting on her stool at her kitchen table mixing dough for biscotti she was most at home in the kitchen. When finished, again wipe the board clean and allow to dry. How to Restore and Maintain a Wood Cutting Board or Butcher Block. Between sanding grits, clean the board with a tackcloth or damp rag so you can better see which areas need more sanding (Image 3). Give an old kitchen table new life in a weekend with these simple steps for refinishing wood furniture. Rinsed clean and allowed to dry, this is often enough to return the Butcher’s Block surface to a totally acceptable, sanitary and usable condition. Care and maintenance is important for your cutting boards, butcher blocks, countertops, and tables by using Boos Block Board Cream & Mystery Oil.

How To Sterilize An Antique Butcher Block Table

A butcher block table (or counter) is a solid, wooden table. Originating in butcher shops (hence the name), this has become a popular household item. The simplest way to keep your butcher block table clean is to wipe it down with soap and water after each use. However, this doesn’t always happen and you may be left with marks and stains on your beautiful table. Submerge a scrub brush into the mixture and then gently scrub the surface using small circular strokes. Allow the butcher block to sit for 15 minutes, wipe it with a damp, clean rag and allow it to dry. Home Inspection for an Old House. How can I clean up an old butcher’s block that has a sticky/oily surface? Burn Marks on Wood Table Dark Stains from Wood Furniture. When a tree (or trees) became our oak butcher block counter tops, their life may have ended (sorry tree), but their natural mission to absorb did not.