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Our Solid Shelf Dividers slip on to any solid shelf to organize sweaters, towels, purses, linens and even the heaviest books. Our Clear Shelf Divider is the perfect solution. Easily keep your clothes sorted by using the Acrylic Shelf Divider in your bedroom closet. Available in clear acrylic so it disappears from view while on your shelf. Clear Angle Dividers Clear-Control Dividers Drop-In Pushers Fast-Divide Shelf Dividers Fencing and Dividers Impulse Pusher.

clear shelf divider 2These shelf dividers have a clear plastic design that is hard to see but keeps your products neat and organized. These items will keep all products in the correct line so that your customers will not get confused on where they belong. Our line of shelf dividers and separators come in varying sizes and styles all with ease of use, affordability and organization in mind. 1 H x 11-9/16 deep, clear w/ adhesive mount. We invented this clever clip-on divider in 1986. Mom wanted a way to keep her purses upright and separated from her vast collection. We originally had uprights glued to a bottom and kept in place with double faced tape.

October 13, 2013. Clear adjustable closet shelf devider. OUT OF STOCK Our genius shelf dividers allow you to organize your shelves in seconds. Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers 8 x 12, SET/4. Clear Systems. Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers 8 x 12, SET/4. 64.99. Acrylic Shelf Dividers, Clear 8 x 12, SET/10.

These Clear Shelf Dividers Are Easy To Install

Keep anything from clothes to books organized on your shelves when you use the Clear Shelf Divider. This divider easily clips on to your shelves and is designed to be used like book-ends holding your items in place on the shelf. The 12 inch Clear Display and Shelf Merchandising Divider System is used to separate or hold products in place on a shelf or display and is an ideal low costing solution.

Clear Shelf Divider