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Your closet, only better. Now you can easily add shelving and additional hang space to your closet without tools and without having to tear out what you have! Floating Shelves, Laundry Room Color, Laundry Cabinet, Bathroom Shelve, Closet Shelve, Laundry Room Shelve, Closet Office, Closet Laundry Room. Shop for Soft hanging storage units closet organization at Target. InterDesign Chevron Fabric Baby Closet 6-Shelf Hanging Organizer – Gray/Cream, Large.

closet hanging shelves 2Choose from garment racks, closet organizers, hanging bags and sturdy shelves to store clothes and accessories with care. Find the perfect shoe rack for easy access to your collection. 60. Red 5-Bin Storage Tower. SALE 139.00. reg. 199.00. 4.6 out of 5. Related Searches. hanging shelves closet cedar accessory mate walk in closet decor. Discover the relief of proper storage, however, with a hanging closet organizer. These pieces offer essential shelves and closet bars, ensuring that every shirt and shoe is properly put away.

Removing the hanging rod and installing additional shelves will allow this closet to hold a lot more than clothes and Christmas ornaments. Since the room is being converted into a home office, the closet was modified to store a file cabinet and office supplies. Maximize your closet space with our Hanging 4-Shelf Closet Organizer. With room for shoes, pants, shirts and sweaters, this is an all-in-one closet system. To start, measure the closet and sketch out what you want. The fastest way to get more closet space is to install a second hanging shelf.

Closet Organizers & Closet Storage

Find a new hanging closet organizer with storage shelves that add space for stacks of folded clothing, or organizing purses and other accessories. Our wall hung closet systems hang from the wall from a steel rail that is secured to your house’s framing. Our closet systems use a standard top shelf height of 84 inches or 7 feet. ClosetMaid’s collection of soft storage accessories improves the functionality inside your closet or throughout the home. These simple solutions with upgraded features make organization quick and easy. Storage space in most closets is limited to a hanging rod and a single shelf above it. By removing the hanging rod and filling the available space with shelves, you can greatly increase the storage capacity of a closet. Install one shelf at 85.5 that runs the entire perimeter of your closet to maximize upper storage. Double Hang is the quickest way to get more closet space.

How To Install Closet Shelving