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Peko Drying Cabinets from G&E Automatic Equipment UK. The Staber Residential Drying Cabinet is designed to dry items that are not recommended to be tumble dried. It performs like an accelerated clothes line allowing clothing and garments to last longer without the excessive wrinkle action like a traditional tumble dryer. DC 7573/ DC7583 Maytag UK Drying Cabinet with 2 Year Warranty and 3.5kg Capacity, equivalent to 16m clothes line.

clothes drying cabinet 2With 16 metres of hanging space, ASKO’s DC7573 Drying Cabinet is like having a clothes line inside your home. It also dries items a clothes dryer can’t like shoes, nylon jackets, and doonas, and unlike a conventional clothes dryer it significantly reduces creasing. A truly unique product on the modern Australian market, this drying cupboard is perfect for removing moisture from a diverse range of clothes and other items. Whether it’s linen, boots, or anything in between you need to dry, this appliance will get the job done. A wave of handy clothes dryers using to heat to get your clothes toasty and dry have hit the market. If a large chunk of your weekend is given over to washing muddy football kits and drying sodden boots, then this sleek-looking drying cabinet is the perfect answer.

BreezeDry is a breakthrough drying appliance that dries clothes naturally and gently, using up to 90 percent less energy than a traditional dryer. Simply hang your clothes inside or lay them on racks in the cabinet. Modular design can easily be incorporated into new construction or remodeling projects. Asko Drying Cabinet. DC7573. ZOOM. This Asko dryer sports a white finish and a 2 year manufacturer warranty. It features a 595mm width, a 1700mm height, and a 620mm depth. You can dry clothes quickly and effectively with this Asko dryer. The house I am living in now admittedly does have an airing cupboard but it houses an enormous boiler, which doesn’t leave much space for any airing. With up to 16m of clothesline inside the cupboard, the Maytag drying cabinet is ideal for drying clothes, shoes and coats.


clothes drying cabinet 3I was looking at clothes drying cabinets online – one user said she saved a lot of money by using her electric dryer for ten minutes, then air-fluffing (using the still-warm dryer’s residual heat) – then placing her damp clothes into the much-lower wattage clothes drying cabinet. We tend to handwash certain delicate clothes, but if the ambient humidity is quite high, it takes them quite a bit of time to dry. Which is why we really like these new drying cabinets. They are gentle enough to dry your delicate clothing without damaging them. At the moment I am hankering after a drying cabinet from Maytag to aid the laborious task of laundering clothes See more about Cabinets, Clothes and Wardrobes. Bring the clothesline inside your home with the ASKO Drying Cabinet. By simulating an external clothesline, the ASKO Drying Cabinet offers a unique way of drying your clothes without the creasing. Unlike conventional tumble dryers, drying cabinets allow you to hang your wet clothes inside on adjustable pull out racks. The Clothes line and Tumble dryer are the well known clothes drying options. Here a 3rd option is presented with advantages over tumble drying. This closet dryer consists of a dehumidifier in a large wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe or utility room. ASKO’s drying cabinet is a unique product on the Australian market today. It is more spacious than it looks with the equivalent of 16 metres of clothes line. Our drying cabinet will dry everything from linen to boots in less than two hours.


Asko DC7573 Cabinet: 5 customer reviews on Australia’s largest opinion site 2.0 out of 5 stars for Asko DC7573 Cabinet in Vented Clothes Dryers. I have had the Asko Drying Cabinet for about 12 months. 3 months ago it stopped working. It occupies less space than the standard TS 120A drying cabinet. Small outdoor clothes are easily and efficiently dried on hooks and shoe shelf. The doors have self-closing hinges, and the cabinet cannot operate with the door open. The TS 120D is a dehumidifying drying cabinet. It was like a breath of fresh air, for you and your clothes. Now there is a product on the homebuilding market that puts a technological twist on the simple, yet effective, clothesline. It’s an indoor laundry drying cabinet made by Grimm Bros.