Coated Chain Link Fence Sample Plans PDF

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Our PermaCoat color chain link fencing framework was developed to answer the need for a more durable, yet attractive and affordable option in chain link fencing projects. It comes with our PermaCoat powder coating system, with its double layer of protection. Matching architectural color coated galvanized steel framework is available in a variety of gauge and diameter sizes, for 3′ to 12′ high chain link fence systems. Galvanized or Vinyl Coated Chain link Fence Choices and their Commercial Use.

coated chain link fence  2Vinyl coated chain link is an increasingly popular alternative to simple galvanized chain link fencing. Previously galvanized wire is coated in vinyl by one of three processes: extruded, extruded bonded and fuse bonded. The System 21 Fence System is available in your choice of green, black, white and brown. Our exclusive coating process bonds a tough resilient protective layer over extra heavy gauge steel pipe, fittings & wire, giving the entire system an attractive finish with an extended durability that will last for many years. Tru-Link Fence’s tough, long lasting Chain Link systems are offered in several varieties. Choose from durable Galvanized or Vinyl coated Chain Link systems that are available to suit your particular fence needs, with an endless variety of sizes and strengths.

The quality of chain link fence fabric is determined by both the gauge of the wire and the weight of the zinc coating applied to the wire. The American Society for testing material has established standards for residential and commercial chain link fence fabric under designation A 392-96. Chain link fence is the product of choice for security and peace of mind because of its strength and long-term durability. Fence Supply Inc is your source for chain link fencing supplies and materials, we offer chain link fence fabric, steel fence frame work and post, chain link fence parts and fittings, driveway gates swing and slide and chain link security products.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

The chain link fence framework is also galvanized coated to provide protection against corrosion. All vinyl coated pipe is finished by the thermal fusion process with a 10 to 14 mil thick vinyl coating, meeting the standards of ASTM F1043-00.

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