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New arrivals in our shop. Here are the new arrivals in our shop. If you want to see all of our magazines, you can see them here. Shop for international independent magazines. Based in Hamburg, Germany. The latest Tweets from Coffee Table Mags (CoffeeTableMags). Shop for international independent magazines. Hamburg, Germany.

coffee table mags 2Good morning Friday! If you’re a mag-lover, you’ll know these words well, because you probably follow Coffee Table Mags on Instagram. I’d often post photos of coffee and magazines so it was pretty easy to settle on what I think is the perfect name: Coffee Table Mags. In the evenings I started working hard on the logo, ordered magazines and made the stand for the shop myself in my attic. Meet Thorsten Keller, the owner of Coffee Table Mags. We sat down for a talk with Thorsten about his huge passion for independent magazines and coffee.

Coffee Table Mags Shop for international independent magazines, based in Hamburg, Germany. A freelance designer with a passion for coffee, photography and magazines, Mr Keller created Coffee Table Mags after he noticed a lack of international magazine outlets in his hometown. Coffee Table Mags Public Coffee Roasters. Wifi name: mag-shot. Our users say this Wifi is: free. 8. Have Seen. 8 person(s) have seen this wifi.

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What started as a single post on Instagram resulted into 1572 coffee enthusiasts exchanging coffees from 53 countries around the globe. The way that the Third Wave Wichteln connected speciality coffee community is incredible and judging from the excitement on the both sides it is just the beginning. Table Mags. Shop dedicated to international independent magazines. 0. Newer. Public Coffee Roasters. But then I stumbled upon the Instagram feed of Coffee Table Mags. (You all know I have a weakness for well-designed and well-written magazines those that I not only look at, but also read from cover to cover. The coffee table book is a well-known living room staple. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for coffee table mags from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. I am not sure if it was the fact that these thick coffee table book style of magazines were simply not on my radar or that there are more of them now but I have switched my loyalty from monthly mag.

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