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Each veneer layer is thoroughly colored with a wide range of colors available. Adding Value & Market Advantages: Most every product that can be made from solid wood can be produced from Veneer Lumber can add visual impact, a designer touch and bottom line value to conventional wood products. Product Forms: Product is available in rough or sanded blocks, cut to size stock, turning squares and dowels. Custom Colored Laminated Veneer Blanks Custom Blank Machining Just In Time Delivery Programs. We offer a large selection acrylic, wood and antler pen turning blanks along with turning wood blanks in both bowl and spindle blank sizes. Choose from popular exotic woods like Cocobolo, Olivewood, Blackwood, Macassar Ebony and Bocote as well as high figured domestic woods including Birdseye Maple, Oregon Myrtlewood and Ash. Laminated turning blanks are very popular due to their striking color combinations and contrast as well as their overall stability. After receiving an email showing these multicolored blocks called SpectraPly, I was curious about what I might be able to do with these items. The box also included some un-laminated hard wood blocks which you can see in the inset image.

colored laminated wood blocks 2A Walnut Color Laminate — Popular For Over a Half Century! This brand of laminated wood is manufactured to produce a very unique material, which has the natural beauty of finished wood and still provide a high resistance to heat and moisture. It is greenish brown in color. Laminated bowl blanks, color laminate blocks, colored wood turning boards, spectraply,.

60+pcs laminated colorwood blocks for crafts, turning, wood projects of any kind. Bit dusty from years of garage storage but good dry stock.3/4 2 1/8 2 1/2. Does anybody know where i could get hold of a nice multi-coloured piece of this wood? the problem is i was thinking of making a nice stock for my HFT airrifle, so need a consierable piece. I was wondering how they color the laminated stocks. Does it require a specific type of wood? I imagine that lighter colored wood takes the.

Laminated Colors

colored laminated wood blocks 3Use colored laminated wood (Spectraply) and Bic pens to make inexpensive and very attractive ball point pens more. Find great deals on eBay for Wood Carving Blocks in more. We’ve expanded our popular Color Grain line with more sizes and colors. These striking wood blanks are made from resin impregnated dye and laminated colored hardwood veneers. This distinctive deep red colored wood is found in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, and Surinam. Another laminated wood product, Dymondwood is natural hardwood veneers that have been impregnated with specially formulated resins and permanent coloring agents. A 2 1/2 thick block of Stratabond contains 29 or so individual layers of dyed birch veneers. I was wondering where I could get some laminated wood to make grips with. Looked really good, but I should have gone with 1/8 strips for better color variances. Most knifemaker houses only have it in knife sized scales or blocks for handles although some have it in sheets. Find out more about our wood block flooring products. We offer over 35 species of End Grain, each with its own unique characteristics, grains, and color. End Grain blocks are available in several formats including: individual blocks in various shapes, wire-connected block in strips, membrane-backed blocks on panels, and thin blocks on laminated planks. See what items on eBay consist of an interesting laminated turning blanks collection. WALNUT/HARD MAPLE LAMINATED TURNING BLOCKS LUMBER WOOD.

60 Pcs Color Wood Laminated Turning Craft Wood Blocks

1930s Multi Color Striped Bakelite Laminated Wood Bangle Bracelet-On Sale Now!. Lancraft Vintage 1960’s Wood Block Retro Vase – Laminated Wood Ware – 21 cm tall.