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Spacesaver Corporation is the innovator in mobile shelving systems, library shelving, art rack storage, gun lockers, weapons lockers and evidence lockers. Montel is a manufacturer of Mobile Shelving, Mobile Racking, Mobile Shelving Storage, High Density Compact Mobile Shelving Storage. Patterson Pope is a leading supplier of mobile storage systems. We provide high-density shelving units for businesses and organizations looking to store STUFF in an organized manner.

compact shelving storage 2Spacesaver High Density Storage Shelving will save office lease floor space compared to traditional file cabinets. Library Compact Bookstack Shelving will organize and store books, journals, videos, artwork, and cds in less floor space that traditional shelves. TAB provides mobile shelving to optimize office file storage space for the medical, legal, pharmaceutical and financial services industries.

Mobile shelving, mobile aisle shelving, roller racking, or rolling stack, are terms applied to shelving or storage units fitted with wheeled traction systems. Datum Storage Solutions is a leading provider of custom storage systems for business, library, medical, industrial and military use. Pre-owned High Density Mobile Shelving for legal size files letter folders or box storage hand crank units that are easy to move used system includes adjustable steel shelving units and track rails.

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compact shelving storage 3GSA Schedule Spacesaver Compact Shelving is a system of rolling compactor shelves that condense together to turn wasted space into productive storage space. The 2007 edition (current) of NFPA 13 does not provide specific design criteria for compact storage arrangements. As a result, design engineers are required to utilize protection criteria for either rack storage (storage depth 30 inches or deeper) or shelf storage (storage depth less than 30 inches), depending on the dimensions of the compact storage array. Compact shelving is a high efficiency storage method which moves entire sets of shelves on tracks. Bound periodicals, housed on the shelving that was the focus of the project include journals, magazines and other publications not currently available in electronic formats and extending back into the 1800 s. If you are looking for one of the most space efficient type of filing and storage equipment, high density mobile shelving (sometimes known as compact shelving, rolling files or space saving shelving) is a product to be considered. MTM Business Systems provides High Density Compact Mobile Shelving Systems, High Density Shelving, High Density Storage, Compact Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Storage Systems, Filing Systems, Mobile Compact Storage, Mobile Storage Systems, Moveable Shelving, Mobile Storage, Mobile Filing Systems, Filing Storage Systems, High Density Filing Systems for storing various applications including file storage, binder storage, parts storage, tool storage, multi-media storage, weapon storage, and many other applications in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Imperial County also available on GSA Contract. Movable Storage Racks: Aisle-Saver mobile storage systems effectively double your storage space. Select from electrical, manual, or mechanical assist units.

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Request a Quote or Shop Online for RACK and ROLL 16 Industrial Compact Shelving Montel Storage. bmh equipment inc is leading distributor and supplier of Montel Products since 1982. Modern Office Systems has been providing high density storage, and mobile shelving solutions to organizations in New York and New Jersey for over 30 years. Mobile shelving and high density storage products from Elecompack. The Storage Team helps design your space using high-density mobile shelving and other innovative storage solutions. Based in PA and part of the nationwide Spacesaver network.