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Shining hardwood floors remain safe under protective chair mats, and many options help safeguard tiles, marble and other sensitive surfaces. Realspace Hard Floor Chair Mat, Wide Lip, 45W x 53D, Translucent. Chair mats and floor mats help keep carpets fresh and shield hard floors from scratches, scrapes and everyday wear. Placing a chair mat over carpet helps allow rolling chairs to move smoothly, especially over thick carpets and uneven surfaces. Many offices and businesses have hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate or other materials on their floors instead of carpeting. Don’t let excessive static damage your valuable computer equipment! Protect your floors with these convenient chair mats that slide under your desk or work table.?These are mats that will look great on any type of floor, whether carpet, hardwood or a different surface, and ensure that your flooring and greater work space remains pristine and free of blemishes and scratching. They pair fantastically well with our selection of seating; we have all chair types and all the best chairs for sale including office computer chairs for cheap prices.

computer chair floor mat for hardwood floors 2Buy ES Robbins Chair Mat for Hard Floors, Rectangle, 46w x 60l, Clear at I bought this to protect my hardwood floor from my office chair. 4.5 stars 4.475 (61) ratings. ES Robbins Chair Mat for Hard Floors, Rectangle, 46w x 60l, Clear. Our heavy-duty anti-static chair mats protect floors and allow desk chairs to move around with ease while helping to protect the user and their electronic/computer equipment from electric shock.

Deflect-O – EconoMat Hard Floor Chair Mat – 45” x 53”. You’ll find mats suitable for hardwood floors, low pile, medium pile and high pile carpets. Shop our selection of Chair Mats in the Flooring Department at The Home Depot. Deflect-o Hard Floor Clear 36 in. x 48 in. Vinyl EconoMat without Lip Chair Mat Model CM2E142COM. Anji Mountain Bamboo Chair Mat, Low Pile/Hard Floors, 48 x 52 No Lip.

Es Robbins Chair Mat For Hard Floors, Rectangle, 46w X 60l, Clear

computer chair floor mat for hardwood floors 3The FLOORTEX Cleartex Hard Floor Chair Mat protects your floors from the scratches caused due to chair casters. Low Pile and Hardwood Bamboo Office Chair Mat. Floortex Cleartex Advantagemat PVC Chair Mat (36 x 48) for Hard Floor. Lorell LLR82825 Nonstudded Design Hardwood Surface Chairmat Today: EUR 42. My wife’s office has solid hickory hardwood floors, and I’d like to protect the floor from her rolling office chair. 48 X 60 Clear Chair Mat Home Office Computer Desk Floor Carpet PVC Protector. ES Robbins Economy Series Lip Chair Mat for Hard Floors – 3’9′. Also, I have another computer in a room in which there is carpet so I had to find a chair mat for carpets too. Most wood floor chair mats will also do just fine on floors with tile, vinyl, or linoleum.

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A chair mat can save your back, your carpet, and your hard floors. Non-Studded protection for any hard surface floor including hardwood, vinyl, tile, marble and terrazo. The best chair mat for hard floors is the ProSource Clear Multitask floor mat. The chair mats with spikes (or grippers) on the bottom are designed for carpet and will damage hardwood floors! Since hard floors are solid, the wheels of your computer chair will not sink down into the floor mat. Computer Anti-Static Chair Mats. Chair Mat 1/4 thick heavy-duty high impact for carpeting and hard floors. Chair mats protect flooring from indentations, scuffs and other marks, and from spills. An anti-static chair mat prevents static from reaching your computer or other electronic equipment, where it could cause you to lose data, or could damage your equipment. If it’s a hard surface, such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tile, you’ll want a mat with a smooth backing that won’t damage the floor and keeps the mat from moving.

In the chair mat’s defense, I am on the huggable side at 240-ish. My computer sits on one half of the table and the other half is left open for other tasks. It is made from laminate flooring, particle board, and a bit of wood trim, all of which is available from any home improvement store. Tags: wooden wood office chair floor mat laminate flooring. Computer Desks Office Furniture. As previously stated, hardwood chair mats are available for purchase and they are ideal for increasing professionalism in an office, especially when compared to more traditional, plastic mats. Being able to use a floor mat while avoiding damage to the current flooring is an obvious requirement, yet many plastic chair mats come with spikes that will dig into the carpeting or damage even hardwood floors. Do I need to lay one of those floor mats to protect the hardwood? This time we will speak about chair mats for hardwood floors. Protecting wood floor damage the chair requires some preparation and diligence. Select from plastic chair mats and wood chair mats for hard floors and carpet. Protect your floor and keep your chair rolling all with one convenient mat. To keep my computer chair from ruining my hard work, I went out and got a chair mat for hard floors.