Concrete Base Mailbox Post Sample Plans PDF

If you are looking for a fast way to mount your mailbox post and prefer a more natural look (no concrete) at the base of the mailbox post, follow the farmer method. Installing, repairing or replacing your own mailbox post can be a chore but these hints should help you understand the types of posts available as well as installation methods. Sometimes, it’s easier to dig the hole a little wider and muscle the ball of concrete aside. A 3/4 – 1 thick pine, plywood or cedar wood base is attached to the top of the post and the mailbox is screwed onto it. Learn the correct height and method for installing a new post and mailbox on If necessary, remove the cement base from the old post. Pour the dry concrete straight into the hole leaving 3 to 4 inches of space from the top of the hole.

concrete base mailbox post 2It’s a typical plastic mailbox, that mounts onto a 4×4 post. Do not embed the post in concrete unless the mailbox support design is shown to be NCHRP 350 compliant when so installed. I’ve been reading contradictory advice on this. For a 4×4 pressure treated mailbox post, does setting it in concrete make it rot faster or slower than setting it in the dirt? Thanks. Forum discussion: How deep of a hole should I dig for a mailbox sitting on a 4×4? There will be no concrete, just a piece of treated wood into the ground. I plan to surround the base of the post with a few courses of pavers, as I’m tired of trying to mow around it.

Mailbox posts frequently are planted in concrete to create a stable base that resists an impact. When it comes time to replace or repair the post, however, the concrete can make it problematic to. Another option is to have a movable base on your mailbox. A large bucket or an old car wheel can be filled with concrete and the mailbox post put in the center. Dear Ms. Builder: My neighbor installed a new mailbox and I really love it. I would like to buy a new box and I should replace the post too. Slope the concrete around the base of the post for water runoff. Pour it to within a few inches of the top of the hole.

How Should I Install The Post For A Mailbox?

concrete base mailbox post 35 Steps – Learn how to install your own mailbox by following these steps for digging the hole, preparing concrete and planting the post with this DIY guide. Slope the concrete around the base of the post to allow for water runoff. Fortunately, you can stabilize the post beneath the surface of the ground, leaving the upper portion of the post visible. Concrete provides a powerful base and once it cures; your mailbox will stand. I am needing help with figuring out when I can mount a cast-aluminum mailbox post to new concrete with anchors in freezing weather. Here is what. Each post mount mailbox has four holes positioned to match all Streetscape mailbox poles. The mounting holes are centered on the bottom of the box 5 1/2 front to back and 5 1/4 side to side. Center Concrete pad and Pole 9 behind back of curb. If you need to install a mailbox wooden post in your home, you can easily complete the job if you have one afternoon free, especially if you’ll be using quick. Fill the hole with the dry concrete, making sure to leave some space about 4 inches from the top. Step by step instructions on installing a mailbox post the right way. Use your wheelbarrow to get your concrete mixture ready, following the instructions on the concrete’s bag. They also carry universal mailbox base plates at The Home Depot or Lowe’s.

How To Remove Concrete From A Mailbox Post

The Century concrete mailbox base features a sculptured edge that provides a classic elegance that compliments the finest homes and buildings. Mailbox height is important – the mailbox will need to be on a post that places the opening of the box between 41 and 45 inches from the surface of the road (not the ground where you will be inserting the post), and no more than 6 to 8 inches from the curb. Many people are tempted to pour a concrete base to ensure that their mailbox stays mounted securely, but the post office does not recommend this. Replace a mailbox post, wooden, with a paper box added, concrete post in place into grass.