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Hanging Standards and Shelf Brackets. elfa freestanding. So, we went to The Container Store and designed an Elfa closet for ourselves. Second, the instructions for installing the shelves were not clear enough. How To: Install an Elfa (or Elfa-Style) Track Closet System. We spent roughly an hour planning, and the installation took me just about double that time.

container store elfa shelf instructions 230 off all Elfa products & the cost of installation right now. (1/16). If you’ve been following along, you know I was inspired to makeover my son’s bedroom closet and met with a Container Store design consultant to create a custom closet that would function much better than what he currently had. Installation may be challenging, because the written instructions can be confusing.

Instructions for Component Desk Assembly – The Container Store. It might look weird to the Container Store people, but in our closet it makes perfect sense. Not only for neatfreaks. the Container Store on Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD. Two hours and a few hundred-dollar later, we had bought an entire system of shelves, baskets, shoe racks, and broom hangers, along with installation service, all for our pantry. Elfa shelving systems, in addition to being the top-selling item at Container Store, are also very profitable.

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container store elfa shelf instructions 3Free elfa installation (on elfa purchases over 750). Ends 6/30/2016. Since the Elfa closet system uses a single horizontal bar attached near the ceiling of the closet, with all the vertical supports hanging off of it, it is critical that (1) the horizontal bar is level, and (2) it stays in the wall. I measured, drilled, tightened screws, and completed my installation. Being an Analyst by trade, I enlisted the sage advice of my local Container Store experts and we eventually determined that the drywall had been wet, then dried, and that is what burned me. It’s time once again for the famous elfa Sale at The Container Store. Discover new ways to organize your home, apartment or office and save 30 off all elfa and 30 off elfa installation. The Container Store – elfa Sale: Save 30 off elfa shelving & installation. FAQ – All you need to know about elfa’s products and storage solutions. – Elfa Closet System design ideas and photos. Now here’s how the installation of the Elfa Easy-Hang system from the Container Store works.

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It was my first time ever stepping foot in a Container Store and it’s just amazement everywhere you look. Get Directions. We got our Elfa closet redone by them, the woman who helped us design the closet was kind, helpful and genuine. That means you still have time to get that organized elfa closet, pantry or garage you deserve! Removal of up to two shelves and closet rods per wall, plus related patchwork and touch-ups with flat white paint Installation of all purchased elfa products Courteous installers who will clean up thoroughly when they are finished The cost is 640 after first-ever 30 off, and pushes the total over 3K SO and I are pretty comfortable for simple DIY; we’ve completed many pieces from IKEA, but none of them require drilling through walls. The Container Store provides written instructions for all of the components and most parts just snap or slip into place. We are considering installing an Elfa system to make more efficient use of a small reach-in closet in a second baby’s room. As far as installation, at the time we bought they did not have an installation service. Oh, my last recommendation is to call Container Store and ask when the Elfa sales are — we waited until sale time and got 20 off our entire order.