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How to transform an antique clothes armoire into a modern computer workstation. Stacks of discs, books and paper spilled off the desk and onto the floor, while the latest accessories filled every remaining space. Instead, I decided to corral the computer into its own cabinet, one converted from an antique clothes armoire. I finished my office over a year ago, the plan was to turn our old armoire into a computer hutch. I am kind of OCD like that, hence the desk with nothing on it! Armoire cabinets can be converted into a computer desk if they are the buffet-style with a slender top and a wider bottom. Most of them are wide enough and some of the deeper ones, up to 22 inches,.

convert armoire to desk 2With a little ingenuity, you can move your antique armoire into the 21st century without sacrificing any of the furniture’s old-fashioned charm. We’ve had this computer armoire for over ten years, we bought it when we were first married and it used to sit in the corner of our family room and hold our huge 300 CD stereo equipment and speakers, remember those days before the iPod?. Even down to the chair sitting next to used with the desk. The challenge was to turn a piece of furniture of my choice into something else. I chose this:. My high school senior daughter Miss A’s office armoire project.

Start with a basic armoire, unfinished or just outdated. Essential supplies such as pencils, scissors, and notepads have a place on the desktop, too, all kept in order with desk organizers. How to Convert an Armoire Into a Computer Desk. Convert an old armoire into a useful computer work center. The specific configurations and measurements will depend on the armoire. What do you think about such TV armoires and cabinets? If this is the style that you’ve been looking for, feel free to browse through the offers that we have prepared for you and tell us what your favourite option is. Turn an old armoire or entertainment center into a desk/vanity! +2TaylorHolly.

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convert armoire to desk 3The dispute was to plough ampere small-arm of music convert armoire to computer desk of furniture of my option into something else. Lithesome meridian and a wider Most of them. For a bit more storage, add a rolling file cabinet under the desk, and then just pull it out when you’re in work mode. You can easily convert an armoire into a desk by replacing a shelf with another rollout one, which can be found at most hardware stores. Line of work man there are credibly mountains of papers and other things scattered on your desk. convert armoire to computer desk. However wherever we put our computers we also like to stack things that are related to our computers as If you are a big time gamer you credibly get dozens of CD cases about your desk or if you are a. The sketch of an armoire desk which comes with this article shows a fairly large version with four folding doors, a writing surface which slides out, and a keyboard and mouse pad tray which, in turn, slides out from under the sliding writing surface. Most modifications show a TV armoire being converted into a new item such as a bar or computer desk. Well you get the idea. I was in need of a TV stand or cabinet that I could use with my 41" plasma. See how one reader transformed her home’s dated armoire into a cute, convertible workspace. Hanson loves to turn design inspiration into practical ideas for her home.

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Find great deals on eBay for Armoire Desk in Home Office Desks and Furniture. Shop with confidence. Are a business man there are probably mountains of document and other things scattered on your desk. convert armoire to computer desk. The store used to retool vintage wardrobes into TV armoires, so she figured it could convert her TV cabinet into an office armoire.