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See more about Old Beds, Old Bed Frames and Headboard Benches. Build a garden bench from an old bed frame I have 2 twin beds that I am converting now. Turning a Craig’s List Bed Frame into a Garden Bench. July 6, 2010 Brittany Bailey 88 Comments. I have the all-maple double bed I used as a kid, and have wanted to convert it to a bench for ages.

convert bed frame to bench 2My son was making benches from bed frames and other pieces of repurposed furniture summer. Lindsay, from the blog My Creative Days, chose to completely revamp an old headboard and footboard from a bed into a stunning bench. Like if you didn’t have a poster bed, you could maybe put old glass door knob handles for decoration. That bench was made from an old queen sized waterbed frame.

Start with an old bed, headboard and footboard, rails optional. Once the sides are connected, build the frame that will support the seat:. This is how I took an old bed and converted it into a nice bench. Here is a simple upcycling project for that old bed frame and headboard you don t use; which you can now turn into a fabulous bench for you and your guests to use everyday. Let us know if you take on this DIY project and convert your bed to a hall bench or an outside bench.

How To Build A Headboard Bench

convert bed frame to bench 3For a sweet and easy camping conversion I really like my set up, which is a 2×4 frame that goes from behind the front seats to front edge of the bench (not resting on bench) Covered with folding piece of plywood and a foam mattress. Do you love a good DIY or an upcycle? Today I’m sharing how to turn a Jenny Lind bed into a bench. Perfect for your entry or reading nook. Convert the crib into a playhouse. Your little one will love it. Bench. Ever thought that an old cot can be turned into a bench? Screw the two pieces to form the headboard and attach it to the bed frame or simple lean it against the wall. Now you can convert it into a bench for your garden with this tutorial. All you need to do is to disassemble the bed. Using the two sides, headboard and foot board to make the frame of the bench. I used the 4 rear lashing points as anchors for the bed frame. 25+ headboard bench ideas and tutorials. Full Sized Maple Bed Headboard Bench.

Build A Garden Bench From A Bed

Wonderful Bed made from Old Doors. Fabulous! Bench made from a bed frame. How cool!. Convertible sleeper sofa with microfiber upholstery, wooden frame, black finish and contemporary design. How to Convert a Double Bed Metal Frame to a Queen Size Frame thumbnail. The second-row 3-place bench seat (with floor-anchored seatbelts) folds down flat into a bed, with an extension that fits into the side doorwell. The bed frame construction is built from 23 inch pine studs, attached with 2- inch / 3 inch wood screws. Second, it functions as a bench when eating in the van. Mercedes didn’t want this conversion to be too easy. Was going to convert into a work bench. But too many projects.