Convert Cabinet Into Humidor Sample Plans PDF

Step by step guide with pictures, as I take a Vintage Basset China Cabinet and convert it into a Humidor for my cigar collection. Plans are to seal and. Take an older cabinet style end table and repurpose to a cigar humidor that can hold over 500 cigars. Most humidor cabinets will run close to 500 dollars or more but with a little effort you can build one for considerably less. Antique Style Cigar Humidor, Brandy Liquor Cabinet 500A. Turn China Cabinet into humidor.

convert cabinet into humidor 2Hey guys, just need some advice from you please. I am looking at a used china cabinet that looks just right for humidor conversion. What are some key things to look for before I purchase? 1. How large of a gap between the glass doors and the cabinet is acceptable? 2. Robbie Black’s Lane-A-Dor. An excellent example of the conversion of a piece of fine furniture. I just wanted to post some experience from converting a display cabinet to a humidor. I sealed every corner from the insideas well as laquered the entire interior. About 3 weeks into the setup, the fluxuation seemed to reduce and was constantly 70 in the bottom and 65 at the top.

Building a custom humidor that you will enjoy & that fits in well with your dcor is as easy as re-purposing an existing piece of furniture. In my example I will convert an antique liquor cabinet to a humidor. Press the cut cedar into place. Just wondering if anyone has made a stand-up humidor out of old fine furniture cabinets or old dressers of solid wood. Basically gutting the cabinet and re-doing the unit as a humidor with inlaid Spanish cedar with shelves and glass doors. Getting an old cabinet air tight might turn into a real trick. Sounds like a worthy project. I came across a couple gun cabinets that someone was giving away for free so I snagged em; a double-door and single-door. Has anyone converted (or know someone who has) one of these into a humi? I assume all I’ll need to do is close off any holes, seal the glass in and other crevices, and line it in cedar? And then get a humidication system?.

Attn: Folks Who Have Converted Furniture To Humidor shows you how to build a custom pull-out humidor drawer. Drop the table saw blade down to half the width of the cut sheets of MDF, and run the two sheets of MDF over the saw to make a groove for the bottom panels to slide into. How to Build an Armoire Storage Cabinet. You can choose from coolers, Tupperware, wine refrigerators, desktop humidors, cabinet humidors, etc. What you choose will surely depend on your needs and means. This morning I stumbled upon a casket someone turned into a humidor, which is pretty darn strange. If someone wants an interesting showpiece for their Tatuaje Monster collection, that bad boy could be yours for only 1500. A friend of my grandfathers converted an old metal filing cabinet into a humidor. It’s very odd and doesn’t seem to hold humidity that well. My wife found a 4-gun cabinet in the classifieds for 50 and said, Hey, that could make a great humidor. To add SOME Spanish Cedar support into the mix, I purchased a bunch of empty wood cigar boxes to use as on-shelf storage for singles. I know the feeling, I have been wanting to do an antique restoration/humidor conversion for a long time but am not handy with tools at all. Building your own humidor can be an educational and rewarding experience, albeit risky. The stakes are high; you are putting your hard earned smokes at risk if you are not persistent, careful and vigilant. Converting a Functioning Wine Cooler into Cabinet Humidor (the following paragraph was added May 16, 2014). It was an old icebox CW member Thomkm (Tom) had converted into a humidor. Thomkm’s icebox turned humidor. Fantastic work. I removed all of the tin lining from the ice chest and cleaned the cabinet thoroughly to remove any odors.

How To Build A Custom Humidor

While in Mississippi, Jay and Alfredo talked about turning this ice chest into a humidor and that’s exactly what we did. Jay started by stripping and repairing the body of the cabinet, inside and out. Would it be possible to get in contact with the people that converted the one on your site so I can pick their brain for ideas such as cedar thickness, where they got the wood from, doors, etc? I m having trouble finding the spanish cedar to get to started.