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HiFi stereo console! Cool! convert hutch cabinet buffet half – Google Search. We’ve shown you how to turn a 1950s radio into a modern stereo speaker, but if you have a slightly larger, old school stereo, DIYer Travis shows us how he retrofitted his 1960s audio cabinet with modern equipment. As finding anything cool goes, it started at a flea market. We went to a large local flea market in search for a wooden bench. I planned on finding an old one, painting it bright canary yellow (inspired by the yellow version of this Sonny’ Crate & Barrel bench) and placing it along a wall in our new enclosed back porch (post to come on that in-progress subject).

convert old stereo cabinet 2Antique Stereo Cabinet I have passed SO MANY of these up and I KNEW they could be transformed! Convert an old TV cabinet into a kids play kitchen. I found this beautiful old stereo cabinet at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. The price was ludicrously cheap, so I had to take it home. What started off as a worn down circa 1960’s stereo cabinet was converted into an impressive yesterday-meets-tomorrow media PC capable of storing their 50,000 song library. I have to admit I’m partial to these sort of before and after projects using vintage stereo cabinets.

Do you remember the old record player and stereo that belonged to your grandparents? It was a piece of furniture. Four feet across, three feet tall, and 18-inches deep, and made of wood, it’s taken decades to realize how cool it was. I have a 1967 or 1968 Magnovox console stereo made with hard rock maple. I have my grandfather’s old console, a generation or two before yours. I think it is beautifulI am going to replace the turntable but I was thinking of putting in a Android Tablet that will play radio, my converted CD collection and stream internet radio. So I decided to modernize it, but keep the old look, and make the old controls work a new radio. Small Mono or Stereo amplifier (Pyle 160 watt used here) Speaker(s) (Bose bookshelf speakers used here) Speaker wire scrap particle board 3/4 thick Supplies: sand paper (if your case is in good shape, 400 grit to 1000 grit) Lexan sheet plastic (available at most hobby shops in 8×10 sheets) Carpet glue paint (some cases including mine had black or gold trim) Varnish Wood stain wood filler 1/8 plywood to make cabinet back or paneling.

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convert old stereo cabinet 3Check out my idea on how to turn a console stereo into a liquor cabinet! Make an Awesome Planter using an Old Chair. The cabinet has four speakers, two for each side of the stereo. One of those two plays higher frequency sounds (the horn ) and the other one plays low frequency sounds (the woofer ). When the switch is off, the record player and old radio are wired to the speakers, and when the switch is on the new amplifier is wired to the speakers. We refurbished my late grandpa’s 1951 Zenith stereo cabinet (imgur. Regardless of shape, a vintage stereo tube amp will draw money (if only a little) for any /r/diyaudio enthusiast. We found the perfect little console. Well- perfect if you have the vision. Hi,Great resurrection! I’ve also got one of the old stereo cabinets and had been thinking about converting it and now I’ve seen how. Basically, I picked up an old stereo console in a yard sale for 2 bucks, gutted the old electronics (they were shot anyway), refinished the cabinet in nice bright colours and installed an old computer system inside. I was skeptical about my husband’s plan to convert this ugly and plain mid century stereo cabinet into a liquor cabinet.

A Bluetooth Speaker Converted To An Old Wooden Stereo Console (photos)

I have a gigantic 1970s era rca victor stereo console. My end result would be to convert this thing into a big guitar amp, by replacing the speakers and then the internal electronics with a nice guitar head. It wasn’t that bad, but then the cassette tapes of old Chess recordings didn’t have a whole lot of fidelity to lose. Lately I’ve been thinking of buying a vintage stereo console that has Danish/Scandinavian styling and retrofitting it with more desirable vintage. An older friend of mine dragged out her 40+ yr. old RCA Stereo Consloe that has been sitting unused for 30 years. 2) How about converting it to modern using a cheap boombox, and still drive the speakers in it? 3) Is there a kit out there for mdernizing the system? Thanks Gregory Stern. The unit in the photo is made of walnut with the internal cabinet made of baltic birch plywood.

I like the colours and the richness that the wood floor and the old converted table bring out.