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Wide flat-screen televisions that sit atop a simple stand or mount on the wall have taken over. The Refinishing Touch Armoire Conversion in Georgia is one of scores of businesses that specialize in helping the folks stuck with thousands of these monsters hotels with an On-Site Armoire Modification program. I initially thought about installing a flat screen computer monitor and building a computer inside the case so I could use this to show movies. You know if you took the tv out of it’s box you could fit the screen to the front better, looking at the picture you took it looks kind of awkward seeing the case on the inside of the screen. Or they want to upgrade to a larger TV. br i waas thinking of attaching that to the front at flat screen height, asnf attaching a swing out flat tv holder, this way i can change the angle.

convert tv cabinet for flat screen 2How can I mount a new flat-panel TV on the front of the cabinet of a 1980’s-era TV (with a cathode-ray picture tube)? (I’ve already taken the old TV out of the cabinet). Put one of those fake electric fireplace things in the hole where the TV used to be, and set the flat-screen on top. Serious answer- time to junk the old console, or convert it into a minibar, or something. I love the idea of converting a dresser into a very functional tv stand. Disguise a flat-screen TV as a decorative focal point with a kitchen wall cabinet, basic wood trim and mirrors. Get step-by-step instructions from the DIY exper See more about Tv Covers, Kitchen Cabinets and Flat Screen Tvs.

Dresser that has flat screen TV placed inside for the living room. See more about Old Cabinets, Tv Armoire and Entertainment Centers. Cool idea for an old dresser, just turn it into a tv stand! Buy TV Stands with Flat Panel Mounts at Wayfair. The back mount is adjustable and can easily fit any flat screen TV ranging from 15 to 50.

Flat-panel Tv On Old Tv Cabinet

convert tv cabinet for flat screen 3How to make a useful shelf out of a repurposed tv cabinet. Old tv cabinets are easy to find at thrift stores. It will turn out great I’m sure. Pat. Reply. She wondered if it’s okay to convert an armoire, and what do I do with my TV? VINTAGE ANTIQUE SPARTON TV CABINET, CONVERTED WORKING CONDITION. Wood Entertainment Center TV Stand 42” Flat Screen Media Cabinet Antique Paint. Our family room TV hasn’t been upgraded to a flat-screen yet, though. What have you done with your TV cabinets when you no longer needed yours? I’ve considered converting it but it’s a half-size so it doesn’t work quite as well for clothes or computer. OK, so this little TV-mounting trick is only no-cost if you’ve got a pile of scrap wood and a few heavy-duty bolts lying around. It’s an easy, strong and versatile mounting system that, while most commonly used to hang cabinets, can be used to mount nearly anything. But if you’re just looking for a cheap way to hang your flat screen in the living room, this idea works and it even keeps the TV closer to the wall for better cable hiding!.

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