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Add an extra opening to your home by converting a window to a door with these instructions from HGTV. Exclusive directions from Don’t Sweat It host Steve Watson for how to expand a window in your home into an entrance. This would entail removing the window and knocking out the back wall below it, and installing a doorframe and door. Are there any structural issues I should consider/worry about? And anyone have a rough guess what a job like that might cost? It would basically provide garden access directly off the kitchen rather through the narrow side hall. I’d keep the other door as well (tho probably change it into more of a storage shed.) Thanks for the advice, sorry for not being more clear. There’s a covered patio that the prior owner turned into an enclosed sunroom. On the part of the room that attaches to the house, there are six full length windows. One of them has been converted to a door. I’d love to convert a few of the others, but I don’t know if it’s possible or advisable.

I am in a semi-detached property & have called the local council & they advised I do not need planning permission. What sort of trade do I need? & is there anything else I should consider prior to starting the work? Thanks. Your type of wall construction is the primary factor in how difficult it will be to put a door at a current window location. Putting a door into a window location in a concrete block wall requires cutting out the block below the window with a concrete saw. We recently converted this bay window into a double door for the patio. It added more functionality to the customer’s home to actually be able to open the doors See more about Bay Windows, Window Replacement and Bays.

Here is a recent response on cost to install a sliding glass door – which is quite a bit easier than a french door, but same general size. Because you are almost certainly going to be increasing the width of the opening, and very likely raising and lengthening the support header over the window as well, you are going to to be above the cost in the referenced comments – probably in the 2000-4000 range for the doors and associated materials themselves for high quality products, depending on how fancy you go, and in the 2-4,000 range for installation too, depending on how much structural modification has to be done. Flames and smoke had cut off access to the front door, and the trio was forced into a bedroom where my father tried to get everybody out a window. Unfortunately, the only windows in the bedroom were long, thin, horizontal awning windows located about 6 feet above the floor. Planning Planning Application Documents. Help with this page (opens in a new window). 15/02364/FUL Convert existing window into single door and leaf opening in timber. 33A Priory Lane Burford Oxfordshire OX18 4SG. Track Print.

What Sort Of Tradesman Do I Need To Convert A Window To A Patio Door?

08/03301/FULL Convert window into door to rear courtyard garden. 21A Clifton Gardens London W9 1AR. Track Print Details Comments (0) Related Cases (2) Contacts Documents (8) Map. Filter By: Document Type, Description. I’m not changing the width of the window, just the depth. Would this involve some kind of structural work? Any idea what it would cost? There is another window, about 4 feet away, along the same wall. Wanted to make into something similar.

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