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Lift-top coffee tables offer a convenient work or dining surface in the living room. (You could also buy a lift-up table mechanism if you don’t want to make the levers yourself; one version I found is 50, while another sturdier looking one is 210. Woodtek 164228, Hardware, Table, Folding Table Hardware, Coffee. Woodtek spring loaded lift raises coffee table top to dining or reading height. Lift Top Coffee Table. Lift up coffee table mechanism,table furniture hardware,hardware fiftting More.

convertible table top mechanism 2DIY Woodsmith Convertible Table Plan – Metal lift-up table mechanism lets you raise your coffee table to dining height in seconds!. Woodtek 164228, Hardware, Table, Folding Table Hardware, Coffee Table Top Lift Mechanism-L+r, 1 Pair More. Tables:Convertible,Transforming,Adjustable,Space Saving Decor. Lift Up Top Coffee Table Mechanism DIY Hardware Fitting Furniture Hinge Spring.

If you’re handy, the mechanism for pop-up coffee tables can be purchased sans-table. Now I detest these convertible/ hybrid tables on sight. ,laptop table parts,convertible coffee table mechanism on J. R. JONES FOLDING AND CONVERTIBLE TABLE MECHANISM Filed June 29, 1931 351;; MSW Sept. Attaching supporting legs to:Slidablyfmountedfthrough the table legs 4 and the table in a manner that will permit of the the cooperating plates 5 and 6, are locking plunge Y folding ofthe legs in line with the body portion ers 12, which enter casings 13 in the legs and are of the table, or be swung ina manner to invert the caused to move inwardly or outwardly by rotating 70 table top. e the plungers, each plunger having a pin 14 for A further feature of the invention is the proengagement with a spirally arrangedgroove 15 in vision of means for locking the vlegs in their re-y each casing 13, so that by rotating the plunger in f spective adjusted positions.

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convertible table top mechanism 3Description: I’m looking to build a coffee/dining convertible Lift Up Top Coffee Table Mechanism DIY Hardware Fitting Furniture Hinge Spring in Home & Garden, Building Materials & DIY, Cabinets & Cabinet Hardware eBay. Convertible tables with creative concept for small spaces that combine two or even three variants- coffee table, dining table and work desk in one. Mechanism works easy by lifting the tabletop up and pulling it toward you. Even better would be some sort of lift mechanism that simply lets the table top rise up 30 inches (sort of like the crossing pattern of hinges on a hydraulic lift), but Im not sure what those are called and if that is practical enough. Lift Up Top Coffee Table Mechanism DIY Hardware Fitting Furniture Hinge Spring in Home, Furniture & DIY, DIY Materials, Cabinets & Cabinet Hardware eBay. Lift top table are some of the best furniture that complement the tone of the living room while according their users some form of functionality (in more storage space), which in many cases is a very rare thing. An example of two coffee tables whose prices are about 100 is the Faux Mable Lift Top Coffee Table Espresso, which features a hidden storage compartment, a table top lift mechanism.

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This is my ninth convertible table and the first to have a totally hidden mechanism. The unusual table top design is there to get attention and show the adaptability.