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We have an inset lazy susan corner cabinet and quite frankly we can’t stand it. See more about Lazy Susan and Cabinets. I decided to set up the corner cupboard, with it’s double-decker lazy susan, as our spice cupboard. The lazy susan shelves were always crammed full of stuff and defied all efforts at organization. Our door is connected to the outer cabinet, not the lazy susan itself, like this one:. My new kitchen cab set up is an L and has two lazy susan cabinets at the corner and end of the L I don’t need two of them but the cabinet guy at HD said go with them in any case it makes the.

converting lazy susan cabinet 2Hi, I have a corner lazy susan base cabinet that I would like to convert to just shelves. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to do that? Doing battle with kitchen storage is not on my list of things I want to do every day, or any day for that matter. A large corner-cabinet of our kitchen that is outfitted with fancy, should-be functional shelves somehow evolved into a tumbling mess of stacks. Installing Pie Cut Hinged Doors for Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet – Momplex Vanilla Kitchen. So we have to do a little modifying of the cabinet face frame to convert it to a frameless cabinet.

We have an inset lazy susan corner cabinet and quite frankly we can’t stand it. Not everyone loves the Lazy Susan cabinet. Here’s a discussion of alternative ways to provide easy-reach storage in corner cabinets. 1 DIAGONAL LAZY SUSAN – My all time favorite! This type provides the maximum in storage space and functionality. Unlike the L shaped ( Pac-Man ) lazy susan (see 2 & 3 below) the shelves in this cabinet go almost all the way back to the wall and are typically 30 to 32 in diameter and make the best use of the corner.

Converting A Lazy Susan Cabinet Into Anything Else?

Completed Lazy Susan to Fixed Shelf Base Cabinet Conversion – Shelf Area 1,820 sq. in. Our kitchen is pretty small by 2016 standards. Find the largest offer in Corner Cabinet Storage Systems at, the one stop shop for woodworking industry. Conversion: Imperial None. Dream Maple Pole-Mounted Kidney Lazy Susan. How to Convert a Corner Kitchen Cabinet Into a Lazy Susan. Everyone seems to have those spaces in their kitchens where there could be lots of valuable storage — if they could access it. Replacing the Lazy Susan assembly in a cabinet is not difficult with the correct tools and hardware. The current corner cabinet we have has a lazy susan built in, but has square walls, as below:. (1) Which base cabinet should I attempt to install the sink in? How do we convert our drop-in sink to an undermount one? Blind Corners: Half-Moon Lazy Susan. An update of the old reach-in-and-spin organizer has two pivoting half-circle shelves that slide out from the cabinet.

Converting A Lazy Susan Cabinet Into Anything Else?

You can install a lazy Susan in your cabinets. Lazy Susans let you turn your shelves, providing access to the both front and back. These handy devices come in practically every configuration imaginable, including half-moons, pie cuts or circles. If it is a current lazy susan cabinet with either a full circle or a pie cut susan in I would cut the shape of the susan shelf out of 3/4 furniture or cabinet grade plywood. In most occasions in converting a blind cabinet my favorite conversion is to use a drawer.