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This is the Clei Poppi Board Bed, which converts from a sofa into a home office. Orange Skin Available through Orange Skin and several Italian modern import stores in the US, the La Literal Bunk Beds by Lievore, Altherr, & Molina can be configured as a set of 2 bunk beds, one bed with a desk, or one bed with a shelf. But even the best sofa bed has to bow down to this: the Doc Space Saving System, which converts from a regular couch to a two-level bunk bed. Remember the Doc Space Saving System, Resource Furniture’s 6800 sofa that can impressively transform into a fully-functional bunk bed?

couch that turns into a bunk bed 2Sure we’ve all seen convertible sofas that transform into a double bed and even easy chairs that convert to single beds but have you ever seen a couch that. With just a few quick adjustments, the futon easily transforms into a fully functional bunk bed which will save you lots of space in any room of the house. If you’re looking to save space, you’ll need to get this couch. Would Have Thought You’d Have A Ghost Story Featuring Haunted Bunk Beds.

Watch this simple small sofa turn into a bunk bed in just seconds! This simple video starts off by a man removing the pillows from the couch. The convertible couch has been taken to a whole new level. Milano Smart Living, an Italian producer of high-end, space-saving furniture that moved into the New York Design Center last week, is selling a sofa that unfolds into a bunk bed.

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This Simple Couch Transforms Into A Bunk Bed In Just Seconds!