Create Vagrant Box From Virtualbox Sample Plans PDF

Creating a base box can be a time consuming and tedious process, and is not recommended for new Vagrant users. If you are just getting started with Vagrant, we recommend trying to find existing base boxes to use first. This allows your base box to be reusable across projects or teams. Creating a base box in Vagrant. This tutorial is for creating a vagrant box for ubuntu 12.04 (LTS). Along the tutorial you must follow this conventions.

create vagrant box from virtualbox 2There are three ways to create and upload Vagrant Boxes to Atlas. Create a provider for the box, matching the provider you need locally in Vagrant. virtualbox is the most common provider. We recommend using Packer to create boxes, as is it is fully repeatable and keeps a strong history of changes within Atlas. Atlas has an interactive tutorial for using Packer and Vagrant, so it’s best to follow that in place of a written guide. In this example, the build runs on both VMware and Virtualbox creating two different providers for the same box version (0. Beginning with EOS 4.15.2F, vEOS is available as a Vagrant box for VirtualBox. This creates an initial Vagrantfile with default settings.

Fedora is releasing libvirt and virtualbox Vagrant boxes for our cloud images in order to make it easier to set up a local environment for development. I realized that Packer can build Vagrant box from VirtualBox OVF file not only from ISO image. Building Vagrant box takes much time to run an installer so I’m very happy to skip the step.

Creating A New Vagrant Box

Fedora Cloud Vagrant Boxes In Atlas