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Cross bedding definition, having irregular laminations, as strata of sandstone, inclining in various directions not coincident with the general stratification. Formation of Cross Beds When a depositional environment has sand in it and water or air moves the sand grains around, those grains can build up into piles of sediment. Cross-sectional view of modern cross bedding in Quaternary sediments, St. In geology, the sedimentary structures known as cross-bedding refer to horizontal units that are internally composed of inclined layers. This is a case in geology in which the original depositional layering is tilted, and the tilting is not a.

cross bedding definition 2Definition of epsilon cross-bedding Our online dictionary has epsilon cross-bedding information from A Dictionary of Earth Sciences dictionary. Definition of hummocky cross-bedding Our online dictionary has hummocky cross-bedding information from A Dictionary of Earth Sciences dictionary. Small and large scale trough cross-bedding as defined by McKee and Weir is very common in the Cretaceous Newcastle Sandstone of the Black Hills area of Wyoming and South Dakota.

Define crossbedding: the quality or state of being cross-beddedcrossbedding in a sentence. Layering within a stratum and at an angle to the main bedding plane. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content. Cross-bedding. As sand is carried along by wind or water, it may pile up against a barrier forming a dune or ripple. As sand grains are pushed along, they move up the front surface of the pile and are deposited on the other side.

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Hummocky cross-bedding in sedimentary rocks is a sign of ancient storms.

Hummocky Cross-bedding, Utah