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In geology, the sedimentary structures known as cross-bedding are the (near-) horizontal units that are internally composed of inclined layers. This is a case in geology in which the original depositional layering is tilted, and the tilting is not a result of post-depositional deformation. Definition of cross The official Collins English Dictionary online. A structure or symbol consisting essentially of two intersecting lines or pieces at right angles to one another. In certain situations, a symbol or its usage might need to be modified in order to better represent a particular feature on a geologic map or cross section. This standard allows the use of any symbol that doesn’t conflict with others in the standard, provided that it is clearly explained on the map and in the database.

cross bedding symbol 2A popular icon for centuries the cross is the quintessential Christian symbol representing the death of Christ Jesus f. Find out what the washing symbols on garment labels mean here. Read on for more help with how to do laundry. Do Not Wash: The Do Not Wash symbol is the standard wash symbol with a cross through it. Do you need to remove blood stains from clothes or bedding? Symbol: Value: 22. Label: Vien Description: Symbol: Value: 14. Label: Cleavage Description: Symbol: Value: 15. Label: Cross bedding. Description: Symbol:.

The status is either active or inactive, and is indicated by a qualifier symbol: superscript I (inactive) or A (active). General Description: Generally consists of medium to fine sand and coarse silt that is well-sorted, non-compacted, and may contain internal structures such as cross-bedding or ripple laminae, or may be massive. DipDir150; Dipnull; Youngingdip-dir; YoungCritcross beds. Definition of swaley cross-bedding Our online dictionary has swaley cross-bedding information from A Dictionary of Earth Sciences dictionary.

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