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Box jumps are one of the most common exercises in the sport of CrossFit. Here are some ways to help improve box jumps so you can become a better CrossFitter. Box jumps are great for building athleticism and muscle. Trouble is, most people do them stupidly. Box jumps are mainly about jumping onto a box. Simple, right? But like any CrossFit movement, you can always add a good dose of virtuosity for increased speed, efficiency and grace.

crossfit box jumps  2Not sure what you’re getting at, JC. Because I filmed the articles at a CrossFit facility? A rectangular box is good practice for keeping good form for a box jump. Jump. Pingback: CrossFit Equipment: How to Build a Plyometric Box – Shane’s Gear Thread(). This is the same versatile wood plyo box utilized in CrossFit Games competition.

If you have not done many rebounding box jumps before, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO START!!If you have not trained for rebounding box jumps, then stick to regular box jumps or step downs. Ben Gerard is an Australian CrossFit athlete who did well on the 13.2 Open workout. GWOD Breakdown for 2011 CrossFit Games for Box Jumps. About Us. About Us. Megan and Brandon Keatley. Owners of Base 10 CrossFit in Columbia, SC and Makers of Food Worth Eating.

Box Jumps: Common Mistakes

crossfit box jumps  3Box jumps ain’t just for the CrossFit set. Learn how to put this move to work for you in building a stronger, leaner, more athletic physique. Jumping is an excellent exercise to build strength and power and is a good indicator of overall athleticism. It can also be fun! Key Points of the Box Jump:. For those who don’t belong to a CrossFit gym or scour the Web for feats of strength, this is called a box jump. When an amazing athlete like Watt performs the plyometric exercise, the results can be eye-popping. I was on my 297th rep with about 50 seconds left in open WOD 13.2 and on 298 I found myself on the floor with only one working foot. Box jumps were always a go. Video and written tutorial on how to perform a proper box jump over performed by head trainer Matt Krakowski at Switch CrossFit. Box jumps instantly bring me back to ski team dryland at Crested Butte Academy. We did them in the gym, in the park, on a bench, on a wall, anywhere and everywhere with a stable platform.

5 Tips On How To Improve Your Box Jumps

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