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Mojotone has been building reproduction cabinets for over 20 years. Mojotone 2×10 Lite Guitar Amplifier Speaker Extension Cabinet – None -. Guitar speaker cabinets, custom speaker cabinets, custom guitar speaker cabinets, Pedalboards, vintage speaker cabinets, ported cabinets, 212, 2×12, 112,1 x12, Custom speaker cabinets, amplifier cabinets, combo cabinets, thiele. MATHER AMP CABINET has been lucky to work with great amp companies and individual musicians whose ideas have inspired truly excellent sounding enclosures. We offer solid wood dovetailed cabinets in pine, walnut, cherry, ash, oak, and maple (non-figured shell). Designed and built by guitar players, for guitar players.

custom guitar amp cabinet 2Hand made guitar amplifier cabinets of the highest quality for DIY amp builders. All 1/2 and 3/4 cabinets are dovetailed using a 3/4-inch-wide custom dovetail. An amp will never be destroyed because the cabinet split and it fell out! Custom Handmade Dovetailed Pine Speaker/Amp Cabinets. I’ve been playing guitar since the late 60’s. The amp worked great, but the cabinet was shot. Being handy with wood, I decided to build a new cab for it.

In response to custom and other cab questions, I’ve often posted a list of custom guitar speaker cab makers. Custom guitar and bass cabinets, stained guitar cabinets, bass cabinets, celestion speakers, celestions, celestion, celestion, celestion. The Best in Custom Amp Cabinets. Get the exact look and sound your looking for with a completely custom cabinet. Looking for a Custom Cab for Your Rig?

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custom guitar amp cabinet 3Cusom Built Guitar Amp Cabinets – Made in America in Lake Charles, LA. Choose Your Grille Size Graphic Grille Cloth is custom sized to fit your amp, head or speaker cabinet. Select a Background Make the grille a color or add photos and images to the entire background. Typical custom cabinet build time is about two weeks to ship. We have the best prices in the U.S. on replacement speakers for your existing speaker cabinets. Guitar Cabinets (28). We started out as a custom cabinet company and that’s exactly what we will always be. We will make anything from a 1x10s to a 6×12 cabs (8 and 9x12s aren’t a good idea!) and everything in between. TimberCraft Cabinets specializes in custom speaker cabinets for guitar and bass players, handmade right here in the good ol’ USA. Changing the guitar cabinet world one build at a time. Contact us for all your needs,from 1×10’s to 8×12’s we will,can,and have done it all.

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Elite custom guitar and bass cabinets hand-crafted in the Rocky Mountains. All Splawn amplifiers and cabinets are proudly hand-built in Dallas, NC, USA When it comes to enclosures hearing is believing. That s why professional touring musicians have traded in their major manufacturer speaker enclosures for Splawn custom enclosures. Guitar Cabs. The most important realization that I’ve made in my cab building adventures is that, it’s really my passion for both music and building that has provided we with the drive to get to this point in the story of Janice Cabs. Quality Guitar Amplification at Great Values. WiC Guitar Wireless.

Voodoo Amps makes a couple lines of guitar speaker cabinets (Dual Lead and Single Lead series) that cover all of your 2 12 and 4 12 guitar speaker cabinet needs. They can come straight, slanted, loaded, unloaded or built to your own custom specs. Hand Built, Custom Guitar Speaker and Amplifier Enclosures.