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Music box, wooden music box, custom made music box, customized music box, personalized music box, musical box,. Love, love music box, wind up music box, custom music box, personalized. So I’d like to make my girlfriend a small box that plays music when opened. Now, with a little wind-up mechanical music box, that wouldn’t be too diff. Enjoy the music with You Are My Sunshine Music Box and wind up music box provided by Browse our varieties of musical boxes.

custom wind up music box 2Baby gifts, room decor, nursery decor, keepsakes, wall art, personalized, music boxes, designer Kerri Lee, made in USA, handmade, handpainted, Tree by Kerri Lee, vintage, wood, wooden. So here it is: How I Made My Custom Music Box Tune. Powered by a windup spring, the spool rotates about its axis, while the protrusions lift and release specific teeth on the comb to emit sounds. Unique Custom Music Boxes – You Select the Tune Rhythm Clock Sale – Celebrating 20 Years Online!. Instruments, some even include wind-up musical music box movements and look just like the real thing!

These custom music boxes are suitable for every occasion. You need to wind the key up first on the bottom, then let it go and the music box will play the song over and over (for about 2 minutes)!. This project is a modern take on the classic wind up music box. Better Musical boxes Customized, Italian, Swiss, Asian and domestic to fit all budgets are available from our extraordinary music box collection. Select your tune.

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custom wind up music box 3These wind up music boxes are permanently sealed shut if the wind up key is on the top! If we put the wind up key to the bottom of the music box and the box itself stands on cute little feet, you can have an open lid as well!. I’m trying to get a mechanical music box tune custom made. I can’t find any place on the internet that would do that. Just a little wind up one, if possible. Find great deals on eBay for Wind Up Music Box in Music Boxes From 1970- Now. Shop with confidence. These custom music boxes are suitable for every occasions, you can give them as mother of the bride gifts, bridesmaids gift, flower girl or ring bearer gift! Great for christening, baptism or as baby shower gifts, big sister gifts, get well gifts, engagement and anniversary as well! I also have small size ring boxes for your wedding day! These are available for personalizing as well! Suitable for engagements and anniversaries as well! Contact me if you have any questions! More. Can you find a source for a high quality music box with these characteristics? Clarification of Question by patty6683-ga on 21 Dec 2003 17:45 PST Bobbie your first comment re: finding a vendor who will make a full production run of a custom song is not going to prove helpful/we had already found this FAQ but making 2,000 music boxes is not an option – he just wants to make one! If the paper tape solution really is straightforward perhaps that would work – please do let us know. It’s not easy to get a custom music box because of the initial cost of setting up a new pinning and arranging the music. You will receive 2M,18 note Japanese mechanical wind up movements only and does not include the cost of the box to put it in. Your Own Custom Tune Care of Music Boxes Music Box Repair Service The History of Music Boxes: The origin of music boxes can be traced back to 1796, to Antoine Favre, the watchmaker from Geneva, who fathered nearly two centuries of mechanical dreams. The disc movements are very easy to use and allow the collector to build up a library of tunes. When you wind the movement, stop as soon as you feel the slightest resistance, never force it.

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It’s a wonderful little contraption that will allow you to make a musical mobile! See that hook? You just hang your mobile from that hook, wind up the crank, and your mobile will turn as the music plays. National ArtCraft, the supplier that sells these cases, also sells interchangeable music box movements (the piece that actually makes the music) to go inside.