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Dance performances can be even more interesting to the audience eye when incorporating props such as hats, canes, chairs, wings, feathers, fans and more. Explore Your Daily Dance’s board Props on Pinterest, the world’s catalog of ideas. Drawing inspiration from the 1920’s Cabaret Chair dance style, combined with the Classic Burlesque Tease of the Golden Era (1930’2-50’s), this course will introduce you to techniques required for a glamorous routine.

dance with chair prop 2More Than A Prop: Object As Performer. I gravitate toward chairs because they are easily accessible and usually located in any rehearsal space. Get ready to tone your core in this fun, flirty chair dance class. Using the chair as a prop, we will incorporate burlesque, striptease and music video inspired choreography to Continue Reading. Trained in musical theater and barre, experienced in balletic jazz and professionally homaging popstars in various clubs around the northwest, Sally Cardone brings you an eccentric and fantastic way to turn your chair into a key prop for a jazzkilling, cabaret dance extravaganza!

Sexy Chair classes, meanwhile, choreograph sultry moves around a prop chair. Zensual Dancing with the addition of a prop. Chair dancing will challenge you in new ways, and modifications are available for every fitness level and beautiful body type. Who would have thought a chair could dance? Actually, some of our great current choreographers, like Mark Morris and Roni Koresh, use chairs to sit on, stand on or somersault across. They use them as props for dancers to drape themselves on or over. They use them as percussion instruments with dancers flapping their seats up and down or beating the whole chair on the floor to the rhythm of the music.

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