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Well, it’s still a round dining table, which you and five family members eat at it like any other table. Designed and manufactured by DB Fletcher, in England, this precision made table is not only a finely crafted piece of furniture but also an engineering masterpiece. If you think it’s cool you’re not alone, the price tag goes well beyond 150k depending on your materials and options. However, after seeing the automated smoothness of the DB Fletcher version I think my jaw dropped and all aspirations of making the ultimate cool table dropped a hundred fold. Because only a handful of Capstan Tables are made every year, and only the finest of materials are used, the price of a handcrafted bespoke Capstan Table can range between 25,000 and 50,000. Designed by DB Fletcher Designs, a purveyor of designer and customized furniture based in the UK, the Capstan round table expands its seating capacity by transforming into a bigger-sized round table. With only a few units of these Capstan tables produced yearly, each table easily commands a selling price of anywhere between 25,000 and 50,000.

db fletcher table price 2But what about radially expanding tables – ones that expand from small round tables into large round tables? Now, that’s something different. And the ones at db Fletcher Furniture Design are beautiful, handcrafted works. DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona expanding table, expands and contracts. I read jedicus’ remark as a suggestion that the table’s price is high because a patent allows its holder to limit supply. DB Fletcher has their own version of Englishman Robert Jupe’s table (as do other craftsmen.

Christie’s sells an expanding circular table. And prices have been rising. Perhaps one day they’ll be sold at a price point that lowly peons such as myself can afford. Fletcher Automated Capstan Table by DB Fletcher Designs.

Fletcher Capstan Tables

db fletcher table price 3The Woodline table, by French designer Philippe Braun (and don’t the French have all the fun?), is vaguely reminiscent of DB Fletcher’s Expanding Table, is available for sale; contact them for details, and hit the jump to see more pics and a video of how it all works. Great table but how much does it cost? YouTube – DB Fletcher capstan schwartz expanding table. OMG that is AMAZING! Good luck. Edit: sorry, those prices were in British Pounds. It is a tradition DB Fletcher are very proud of. As DB Fletcher point out, the cost of the table is generally in the tens-of-thousands of pounds.

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