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The decorating experts at share tips for styling your bookshelf or mantel like a pro. Design & Decorate Main. In just a few hours, turn a cluttered, style-less mantel or bookshelf into your living room’s showstopping focal point. Decorating Tips for Shelves and Bookcases. 9 Brilliant Decorating Ideas for Your Bookshelves. Add some excitement to your shelves with these ideas. By Sarah Yang. Aug 22, 2014. Share Tweet Pin. Phoebe shares the secrets behind her curated and compelling arrangements. Learn the Formula for Decorating Open Shelves.

decorating ideas for living room shelves 222 Ways to Arrange Your Shelves. 1.2k; 17.8k. Save. Start Start artificial-fireplace-0 0509table-chair bookshelves-6 bookshelves-2 living-room-storage. One dozen expertly-decorated bookcases to inspire your next bookshelf-organizing endeavor. 21 Unique Styling Ideas For Your Bookshelves. How to arrange bookshelves and how to organize books on a shelf, like painting ideas, organizational strategies, displaying collections, and more.

Charlie Birdsong has a few guidelines for making sure your shelves have decorative, as well as literary, appeal. Get creative ideas for shelf systems for every room in the house–plus even your outdoor space. Create the storage you need with inspiration from these shelves for kitchen, living room, hall, garden, mudroom, bathroom, and more. The laundry room below is absolutely gorgeous and the shelves couldn’t be simpler! Baskets hide the ugly and contain your clutter. I bought a 3 tiered shelf to hang in the living room and as I started filling I got this feeling that I don’t have enough stuff that works together to fill it.

22 Ways To Arrange Your Shelves

Learn how to arrange shelves so they are both fully functional and pleasing to the eye. Carry your color scheme onto your bookshelf to give the room a sense of unity. Today we explore ways to use bookshelves to heighten our design possibilities. What if decorating your bookshelf were as important as decorating the living room? From shelves packed with books to shelves that make strategic use of empty space, you’re bound to find an idea that meets your design needs. Here’s our gallery featuring 27 beautiful living room shelves ideas that offer storage and decor to any living room. They can been seen from both sides, so you are decorating two places for the price of one. We found nine unique ideas for hanging floating shelves in your house. From colour to decor, hundreds of living room pictures to inspire. Let’s take this party outside. Decoration ideas for garden shindigs of all sizes. Spice up your dcor with the Brianna Corner Shelf. Create a modern-inspired living room with these functional and innovative pieces from our Brianna Collection.

Style Your Bookshelves Like A Pro

Floating shelves are also a great avenue in displaying wall decorations and can be great storage for books. A great idea for living room storage, these floating wall shelves are a great addition to the room. A floating shelf is designed to fit within a minimalist decor by hiding the supporting brackets within the shelf. These shelves appear to float against the. We will show some you living room shelving ideas, it’s amazing how simple they are. Luxury wedding fish bowl decorations ideas with flowers. DIY space saving mounted shelving, by Almost Makes Perfect. Art director, Designer & Stylist with a huge passion for interior design, DIY projects and anything vintage & colorful.

Wall shelves turn empty walls into a great place to store and show off your things. Glass shelving too, ideal for displaying prized ornaments in living rooms, are all good idea for your living room wall.For a contemporary look in your living room there are also shelves with concealed supports. 16 Impressive Shabby Chic Decorations To Enter Pleasant Feel In Your Home. Living room shelving is important if you want to decorate your home. Besides aesthetics, living room shelving helps you to stack your books and accessories easily. 20 Ideas on How to Integrate a TV in the Living Room. We particularly like the shape of the shelves and their creative positions. Still, the focal point of every photo is the TV which blends in perfectly. 33 Christmas Decorations Ideas Bringing The Christmas Spirit into Your Living Room. A high shelf that goes around your entire room is actually a great decorating opportunity. Decorate a high self around the room with help from an award-winning, celebrity interior designer and design. Floating Shelves Design which may beautify your living room.