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15 Smart Solutions for That Awkward Space Above Your Cabinets. If you’ve got a gap between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, you’ve likely spent time cursing your architect. Decorate above your kitchen cabinets with objects that further your design vision. Instead, leave wall space wide open so you can take advantage of cabinet tops for displaying handsome accessories. Have you ever wondered what to do with that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets? We’ve collected 10 smart solutions for easy decor and stylish storage.

decorating ideas for space above kitchen cabinets 2As a general rule, if you have under 2′ of space above kitchen cabinetry, very tall armoires or built-ins, don’t decorate the space. All too often, doing so dates you to the 1990’s and the area does nothing but catch dust. Here are seven ideas for what to do with that awkward gap. In some kitchens, the space above the cabinets may be unfinished and uneven; you can get a piece of plywood cut to fit the space and lay it up there, or follow this tutorial from The Family Handyman to create a shelf. – Decorate Above Cabinet design ideas and photos.

If your cabinets don’t go to the ceiling, consider adding lights above the cabinets. Inspiration for a traditional kitchen with raised-panel cabinets. South Bay’s Licensed Designer for Space Planning and Lighting Design. High spaces in particular (plant ledges, above armoires) are hard, in my opinion. I know some don’t like the decorating over the cabinets idea, and that’s cool. I wanted to have a space above the cabinets to decorate. Very pretty kitchen, and you just gave me a great idea to decorate the top of my fridge! Thank you!.

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The awkward open space usually exists above kitchen cabinets because the cabinets aren’t custom made for your kitchen. It’s not an area I feel the need to draw attention to by decorating it. When decorating the kitchen, we don’t crowd counter tops with stuffs. Instead we put decors to the walls and even above the cabinets. It is never a good idea to crowd the space above the cabinet. If you do this, your kitchen might look like an exhibit area. Thanks Tiffany for the great ideas. I am going to dust and redecorate above my cabinets after I send this to some friends and family as a subtle hint, lol!. 15 Genius Solutions for the Awkward Space Above Kitchen Cabinets. ELLE DECOR. Read more from ELLE Dcor. Do you have a too small space above your kitchen cabinets that you want to fill in? Here is how we solved the problem!. No decorating dilemmas, no extra dust, no climbing, yes, a very good choice. The space above a kitchen cabinet can be difficult to decorate, and when it’s taller than average the space can be overwhelming. Start with one large piece or idea and work your decor around it, collecting additional pieces from your home and buying items as needed.

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Please get rid of the faux greenery above the kitchen cabinets! If you are a reader of my blog and like to read good decorating tips, this is very important- Get rid of all faux greenery above your cabinets. I hope I have given you some ideas to use for that space above your kitchen cabinets. Recently I’ve really been giving thought to how I want to update my kitchen. (You can follow my kitchen Pinterest board HERE.) And one thing I’ve seen is closing in the space above the cabinets. Here are some more ideas. Decorating Shelves in a Farmhouse Kitchen Simply White Painted Kitchen Cabinets. I wish i had space above my kitchen cabinets. It looks so nice with the vases above. While deep pantries and tall cabinets have become hallmarks of kitchen layouts,. How to Decorate Tall Spaces Above Kitchen Cabinets.

Most of them can’t imagine having so much blank space above their cabinets.