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Decorative barge boards patterns for shed? Carved Wooden Bargeboards English Tudor wood barge boards with facia vergeboards tartaruga designs. Running Trim Usage Photos – Our Running Trims provide intriguing design possibilities. Their repeating patterns create a very special icicle effect when used between Porch Posts or along the eaves. Decorative Barge, Tudor Boards and Eaves Details: House Martin.

decorative barge boards wooden 2Roofs with a gable often have a ‘bargeboard’; this wooden panel of a gable end usually has some decorative carving but can be plain. As with most details, more modest houses have plain gables, with the most pattern in the middle Victorian decades. Bargeboards have wooden-carved details for English Tudor-style luxury homes. Historical luxury homes with vergeboards and facia board-styled details. Lets Fascia’s PVC-U Tudor Style Board, is currently providing many traditional Victorian style properties the ideal solution for the replacement of old rotten timbers, common with this style of home. Rotted wooden fascias can be replaced with maintenance free decorative fascias in a variety of styles to compliment either a period home or add charm to a newer property.

This week we’ll learn about fun & whimsical bargeboards, a feature that appears in numerous Downing-designed and inspired homes! St. Purlins are left exposed in many homes, but decorative bargeboards were introduced and popularized in the United States in Carpenter Gothic homes of the mid 19th century, thanks in large part to the influence of Andrew Jackson Downing. The Wooden House Project Young House Love. If you are involved with a new build in a traditional style, the chances are that it will have bargeboards. Unless your roof is hipped sloped at each gable end or has clipped verges, you will need these practical, decorative features to add a defining stop to the ends of the building, protect the ends of the roof timbers and help keep water off the walls. Bargeboards are planks of wood fixed under the eaves to cover the ends of the rafters – the word is a corruption of vergeboard. But the Victorians discovered they could be used to wonderfully decorative effect.

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Decorative Roofline. Concave and convex fascia and bargeboard designs in 5m lengths that replace standard boards. They support eaves tiles and gutters. ANTIQUE VICTORIAN ERA CARVED WOOD BARGE BOARD ROOF PEAK DECORATION. If a property has sound wooden barge-boards then over-cladding can be an effective way to avoid repainting. You can retain your home’s original features with decorative barge-boards. Bargeboards are not only functional but decorative, as these pictures illustrate. See the thirteen beautiful styles of wood-carved bargeboards offered by this custom manufacturer. The term bargeboard is used to refer to a plastic or wooden board that is used on the roof apex or gable. Often decorative in style these boards hold the weight of the roof tiles and also the cement that is used to cap the edgings of the roof. Decorative Barge Boards and fascias. Tie Beams. Balcony sets. If you think we can help you with anything, please call us or email on

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A method of cutting a decorative pattern in a barge board 1, or alternatively a fascia board or a finial board, made from co-extruded plastics material and having a front face 2, a rear face 3 and a cellular core 4. Wooden barge boards, fascia boards and finial boards are usually cut to give the desired pattern and the face of the board and cut edge painted to provide resistance to weathering. The decorative wood cutouts for doll house bargeboards and the candy decorations for gingerbread bargeboards capture the spirit of this distinctive architectural design element. Barge boards (also called verge boards) are the decorative gingerbread like rafters that decorate the gable ends. Decorative bargeboards and fascias create a really distinctive look and can be used on the rooflines of both traditional and modern homes. The originals were made of wood and consequently without regular maintenance can become rotten and unsightly.

Wooden Dolls House Mouldings for dolls house & crafting projects. Wooden Cupola for 45 Degree Roof Pitch.