Deeper Billy Bookcase Sample Plans PDF

The Billy bookcase with the 11 inch depth will still be stocked. Production will not be curtailed. An additional Billy bookcase, with a 15 inch depth, will be introduced in all countries an effort to respond to how customers are presently living their lives. Narrow shelves help you use small wall spaces effectively by accommodating small items in a minimum of space. Read more. Size. 15 3/4x11x79 1/2. color. Most pictures i’ve seen on the net are usually the normal bookcase version. This deeper version is around the same depth as the Besta (40cm depth) but the pricing is actually a bit cheaper.

wood wall clocks 2BILLY bookcase, middle section 15 deep (big enough for scrapbooks) with glass doors. 358.98 See more about Billy Bookcases, Bookcases and Birches. In October, IKEA will introduce a new, deeper version of its BILLY bookcase (with optional decorative glass doors), In other words, the BILLY will no longer be beholden to the dimensions of the hardback book. IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack – With Pretty Trim. We used the 15inch depth Billy Bookcases from IKEA.

Last week The Economist speculated that the new 15-inch edition of the IKEA Billy bookcase illustrated how bookshelves are used for everything except books that are actually read in an eBook world. The Billy bookcases are 79 1/2 tall and 31 1/2 wide. The Besta shelves are 15 3/4 deep, the Billy only 11; so the Besta wins on depth. IKEA Faktum kitchen cabinets (37cm deep, 70cm high, and in a width that matches your Billy. Wood trim, about 20-21mm wide, to cover the horisontal front ledge of the individual shelves of the Billy bookshelf.

Billy Bookcase, Middle Section Deep (big Enough For Scrapbooks) With Glass Doors

wood wall clocks 3Do most games hang off the edge with BILLY bookcases or did I just pick some oversized games?If most games normally hang off the edge with BILLY bookcases, what would be a good replacement bookcase? I’d like the bookcase to be deep enough to accommodate the entire box. The IKEA BESTA range are deep enough to accommodate Ghost Stories sized boxes etc. I do, however, have a deep love for these bookshelves! I definitely didn’t invent the idea of creating built-ins from the IKEA Billy Bookcase collection, so I take no claim in doing so. IKEA white Billy tall bookcase used but in very condition. The item will available to collect flat packed. 40cm wide and 30cm deep. 202 centimeters (79.5 inches) high, 80 cm wide and 28 cm deep. The shelves of the Billy bookcase are being made much deeper so they can display ornaments, tchotchkes and even oversized coffee table tomes. Note that these are the 15 deep Billy Bookcases, which do not fit the height extenders (those are only offered in the 11 deep size). Partially assembled shelves.

Ikea Dispels Death Of The Bookcase Rumors

Ikea will make changes to its low-cost, high-volume Billy bookshelf this fall. Ikea’s Billy bookshelf, which can already be adorned with glass doors, will be deeper beginning in October.