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Arguably the most important in-flight amenity for parents traveling with small kids (if you can call it that) is often the most elusive and hard to find. I flew alone with my newborn daughter on a 3 hour Delta flight from Hartford, CT to Atlanta. I was prepared for every complication — had the extra clothes, the diapers and wipes — but what I didn t plan on is not having a changing table. Better than most airlines. Delta: Mixed fleet. Some have tables and some do not. JetBlue: EVERY lavatory is equipped with a changing table.

delta airlines changing table 2But even with armrests neatly dividing seats and individual in-flight entertainment screens replacing the driver’s head, kids can still grow restless and grumpy at 30,000 feet. So yesterday I was on a Delta flight with my baby. Went to the bathroom to change my baby during the flight and was told there was no changing table available to change my baby. I can’t find any info on the web as to whether the lavs have changing tables. We’re experienced travelers, and I’m a Medallion flyer with Delta, but it’s our first flight with the baby.

I’ve started a petition at asking Delta Airlines, one of the worst offenders I’ve seen, to put changing tables in even its oldest aircraft. That’s why I started a petition asking Delta Airlines, the worst offender, to put changing tables on all their planes. Any parent who’s had a number two explosion at 30,000 feet knows what a nightmare it is not to have a place to clean it up. Traveling mom Rachel Simmons asks Delta airlines to install changing tables on all flights. Will they get on board?

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Diaper Changers: Changing tables are available on all wide-body aircraft. Kid-Friendly Entertainment: Free entertainment is offered on all domestic and international flights via Delta Studio. If a changing table were to malfunction and a baby or child was injured as a result, the airframe manufacturer could get sued. Delta Airlines, Hartsfield-Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Ga. Find out if there’s a changing table in one of the bathrooms. This is ideal, even if the bathrooms are small. If not, choose a spot to change the baby. The flight attendants may be helpful with this and direct you to an area that is generally considered inoffensive (like in front of the bathroom). If the airplane has a changing table in the bathroom, you’re all set. Our chariot of choice was Delta, and for the most part, they did a very good job with a couple glaring exceptions (read on. We went to change him in the empty area near door L1 (the flight attendants said that was our best bet since that plane had no changing table) and we ended up staying in the galley for about 10 minutes with the flight attendants because they were having fun with him. Question: It happened to me that some of the flights don’t have a changing table.

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I’ve been on many flights and pictured the tiny bathrooms I’ve squeezed into when I just couldn’t hold it. They don’t have changing tables in there do they? There’s no way I could imagine one fitting in that tiny space! Ok, so do I change him on the nasty toilette? Would I even fit in there with MJ and my diaper bag?? I looked over at the two already less than happy passengers sitting between me and the isle. Delta Way Oversold Two Flights of People Heading to the Sundance Film Festival. Posts about Changing table laws written by Julianne DiBlasi Black. On February 25th I flew Delta flight DL1558 non stop service from Tampa to Los Angeles with my mother and my 18 month old daughter. The following table details the cost for reservation changes on every major U.

Or you just booked the cheapest flight and hoped to change it later. I’ve tried to simplify the rules for same day changes into a single table. Yes, it is narrower because of the tray table, but still a great seat. Buy Delta Children’s Products Eclipse Changing Table, Choose Your Finish at Free 1-2 day shipping at 49+, great prices & 365-day return policy. Buy Delta Jenny Lind Changing Table at Baltimore Sun Photo of Ron Allen Delta Airlines CEO ( ACL-726-BS ). Table 1: Average dollar per mile for largest US airlines (Note: As of today, only Virgin American and JetBlue have fare-based rewards programs). The United changes come three months after Delta announced in late The table below lists several aircraft incidents in which weather played a major role or was the direct cause for the loss of life and/or the loss of the airplane. This results in the steepening of the low level temperature change with height and a tendency for air parcels to ascend upward.