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Replacement Delta Unisaw parts from The Saw Center,Inc. Here is the new right extension table support and mobile base frame clamped up. Shop Delta Table Saw Accessories – CPO Delta Machinery is your source for the largest selection of Delta Table Saw Accessories. Delta 36-808 Unisaw Dado Throat Plate.

delta unisaw extension table 2Many of you know about the 1987 Delta Unisaw that I bought earlier this week and many also know about what I wish to do with it. Install a router table extension, already ordered but back-ordered 2 weeks. The original table as supplied by Delta warped over time, might have been due to the router I had it mounted on it so when I built this one I wanted to insure that would not happen again. And also where my extension table bolts to the UniSaw if the table where say 3-4 thick have to figure out how to bolt it up to the UniSaw because the bolts are about an inch from the top. Before I even got it home, my buddy Art Silva helped me find a Delta Unisaw Mobile Base (model 50-289). Mounting the extension table to my saw proved to be somewhat of an ordeal, but worth it.

Shop Made Unisaw Mobile Base and Extension with Old Woodworking Machine Porn. Now with Old Woodworking Machine Porn. A couple bolts hold the stationary wheels in place, add the two clips to the end of the base in which the extension table legs sit, then attach the swivel caster to the foot apparatus and. Unisaw extension table. It came without the extension table.

1987 Delta Unisaw

delta unisaw extension table 3Build a custom outfeed table / assembly table for your table saw. The outfeed table includes a bench vise, hold downs and a laminate top. Also a great bench. Here you get a Delta Unisaw blade guard and the hardware to mount it. While working on my router table I discovered that I was in desperate need for a more permanent outfeed table for my Unisaw. Cutting sheet goods by myself is already enough of a challenge without having to worry about pieces falling off the end of the table saw as the pieces are cut. In time I plan to replace the OEM Delta extention with a table similar to the outfeed. Folding Downdraft Outfeed Table for Unisaw This is an outfeed table that I made for my Unisaw. Projects: Unisaw Outfeed Table I built this folding, modular outfeed table to support multiple types of work on my unisaw. Build these two saw table extensions that will allow you to rip those 4 x 8 panels on your small table saw. Custom Outfeed Table for Delta Unisaw Outfeed Table for Delta Unisaw. Amazing Table Saw Outfeed Tables – Table Saw Central. Delta Table Saws – Review Of The Delta Unisaw. They all have the same features and are essentially the same saw, just with different extension table sizes and motors.

Shop Made Unisaw Mobile Base And Extension With Old Woodworking Machine Porn

The TS extension wing mounted router seems like a nifty idea, particularly if you are limited on space. Wiring a NEMA 6-15R for a Delta Unisaw 14 replies. In this episode I install the Laguna Tools cast iron router table to my Delta Unisaw X5 table saw. Installation was very easy, although it required enlarging the mounting holes. I’m (still) putting together my Unisaw that came with the right side extension table and mobile base. I have the saw on the mobile base and the cast iron wing tables on both sides of the saw. How to properly setup and tune up a table saw. I saw somewhere where you can slide the extension table to the main lthen tilt it on end and attach the center bolt the rotate it up on the bolt and attach the outside bolts Allows it to be done with only 1 person.