Delta Unisaw Right Extension Table Sample Plans PDF

Replacement Delta Unisaw parts from The Saw Center,Inc. Motor, for 3HP 1 Phase 220V for Right Tilting saws only. I have a right tilt Delta Unisaw also that I have restored. Delta Right Tilt Unisaw Arbor, Bearings, Flange and Nuts.

delta unisaw right extension table 2Before I even got it home, my buddy Art Silva helped me find a Delta Unisaw Mobile Base (model 50-289). Mounting the extension table to my saw proved to be somewhat of an ordeal, but worth it. Final touches Since Art Silva was kind enough to give me a new blade insert plate, I installed this right away. Delta Table Saws – Review Of The Delta Unisaw. They all have the same features and are essentially the same saw, just with different extension table sizes and motors. 36-L336: 3 HP motor, 230V single phase, 36 maximum rip to the right side of the blade. Delta’s Unisaw, released in 1939, was only available in right-tilt until the late 1980s when Delta released a left-tilt saw to compete with the PM66. Left-tilt allows you to have a full cabinet of drawers under your side extension table.

In the next episode I will show the router table in use. With the holes enlarged, mounting the table on the right of the Unisaw was easy. The Delta Unisaw, a 10-in. cabinet saw, was introduced more than 70 years ago. Rip Capacity, 36 in. right of blade; 13-1/2 in. left of blade. I am interested in ordering a Delta Table saw 36-L336 and was wondering how the mobile base was attached and if the the cabinet needed to be lifted off the floor and the base slid under it? It if needs to be lifted, is their a safe jacking point or liftin. The 22-795X is just the planer portion, no stand or extension wings. Current right-tilt Unisaw motors will fit into these saws without modification.

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The saw table was 20 x 27 inches with optional cast iron extension wings that made it 36 wide by 27 deep.

Installing The Laguna Tools Cast Iron Router Table To A Delta Unisaw Sandal Woods