Digital File Cabinet Software Sample Plans PDF

FileCabinet CS is the smart choice for digital storage offering state-of-the-art technology, flexible features, advanced security options and data sharing with UltraTax CS tax preparation software. And digital files are less vulnerable to loss from theft, fire and flood. Other necessary tools are a fast document scanner, a flatbed Multi-Function Printer (MFP) for scanning bulky items, a paper shredder and a program that will turn all those scanned documents into PDF files, the standard file format for archiving documents. Then drag your file cabinet curbside and put a sign on it marked free. Capture scanned paper documents and digital files on your computer and eliminate the hassles of filing cabinets and shared folders. Everything is organized in an easy-to-use software+cloud system.

digital file cabinet software 2Need an electronic filing cabinet. I have Acrobat and so I don’t need software that will perform the OCR, just software that will search through it when I’m looking for things. Going paperless: tips for organizing your digital file cabinet. Meeting notes, code snippets, software architectural sketches, important e-mail messages, whatever is related to my day job. DynaFile’s document management software lets you take an entire department paperless fast. You can access your filing cabinet from anywhere to share files, collaborate in the cloud and sign documents electronically. Healthcare companies use DynaFile to convert patient files to electronic format and manage EHR’s from the cloud.

Although creating files for each transaction by client name is the most obvious use of a digital file cabinet, you can use the same software to digitize and share other business documents.

Need An Electronic Filing Cabinet

The Digital File Cabinet: It Pays To Go Paperless