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A glass table cover is piece of glass that lies on the surface of a table to protect it. Glass table covers are usually used to protect coffee tables, antique dining tables, or desks. Our colored glass table tops protector will add a unique touch to any room. When the glass is delivered, be sure that the glass company provides clear pads to sit between the glass and the wood table. This further protects the wood.

dining table protector glass 2Hello, our dining set has finally been delivered and we are just obsessed with ensuring it stays blemish-free (it took 4 months to make and deliver. We are thinking of putting a glass top over it as a protector but then came across plexiglass and lexan as alternatives, which seem to be better (shatter proof). I always keep it covered with a white vinyl table protector, but the problem is that the white vinyl is getting stained and it’s textured so it’s difficult to clean. RL PLASTICS TABLE CLOTH PROTECTOR CLEAR GLASS VINYL TABLECLOTH 54 X 72 OBLONG. White Quilted Flannel Dining Table Pad Protector 52 x120 New US seller.

Un-tempered glass will flex, and I would recommend putting felt pads around the edge to support it and keep it off the wood surface. 1/4 plate glass top made for a new Teak dining table a while back. Shop Wayfair for Kitchen & Dining Tables – glass. The solid plantation hardwood base is richly finished in toasted tobacco and features four top support arms and four feet and foot pads for excellent stability. Dining table pads even provide protection against children and pets. Most table tops are solid wood, laminate wood, teak, or glass. Each of these different types of table tops has its own unique care.

Dining Table Protector (vinyl, Dining Room, Bed, Shades)

If you’re worried about your dining room table getting damaged by heavy objects, a flimsy layer of cotton isn’t going to protect the wood. Combine the table mats with a glass or clear plexiglas covering, and you’re on your way to an uncluttered and easily maintained dining room table!. I’d rather use a temporary table cloth to protect my table (and with a table pad, it’s totally protected). A glass table top protector can be used to protect the glass itself the stand beneath also has to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect one. Then, by having a glass top dining table that matches and accentuates your glass coffee table (some prefer to call it a glass cocktail table!) and yes, even a glass kitchen table, you create an elegant ambiance of openness, modern style, and a sense of sophistication. Sentry makes protective table pads for dining room tables. Kids see the perfect arts and crafts station, pets can climb up on your table – and at some point, a dinner guest will inevitably tip over a wine glass.

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