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Build a Cheapo Photo Projector Using a Phone, Shoebox, and Magnifying Glass. You’ll want to figure out how to flip the screen upside-down (it’s different for each smartphone), since the magnifying glass will do a flipping of its own. When I first saw Photojojo’s DIY iPhone projector I was intrigued. The original shoebox projector has a rather dismal minimum focusing distance, which means you can’t use it effectively over a short range. Finally head over to Settings Brightness & Wallpaper and turn off Auto-Brightness while jacking the brightness of your screen up to the maximum setting. Want to show off vacation photos on the big screen or project goofy videos on the wall? Using a shoebox, magnifying glass, and a smartphone, you can make your own photo or video projector for super cheap.

diy projector screen shoebox 2This DIY projector made by the folks at Photojojo is made out of a cardboard shoebox, magnifying glass, a paperclip, and some electrical tape. How to make a projector from a shoebox, magnifying glass and a phone. A chip DIY component for your next photoshoot, cheap and easy to do. Projectors are expensive, but one has long been something I wanted to own. This genius little shoebox DIY has me inspired to make my own.

This will activate an orb that you can use to flip your screen in photo applications. Homemade iPhone Projector Puts Shoeboxes To Good Use. Make your own smartphone projector with a shoebox and science. However, speaking from experience with the 20 Cardboard Smartphone Projector, I can say that the quality is comparable and you will probably spend a lot less on the materials if you build one yourself. CRT TV, would make a big screen TV.

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A nice, cheap projector made from household objects! A great way to project your phone’s screen onto a wall for all to enjoy!. The magnifying glass can be any size, but larger generally equals better. Here’s how to build your own movie projector — popcorn not included. Everything seems to be backwards while you build the Homemade Projector. But if you and your family want to watch a movie to kill some time and you all don’t want to crowd around your smartphone, there’s a solution! All you need is a phone (with a hand charger, I hope, so you don’t waste your entire battery!), an empty shoe box, a marker, a magnifying glass, some tape and scissors, and you can make a homemade smartphone projector. Other factors to consider include distance of the glass from your screen, screen brightness, the size of the box, and the distance from the wall. If the inside of your shoe box is a bright color, paint it black or tape up some black paper for best image quality. Try using your computer screen instead of your phone as the display in a new projector project. Check out this crazy sophisticated DIY digital projector that can create a 120 HD screen!. Sometimes, however, squinting at the small screen can leave our eyes feeling tired.

Diy Smartphone Projector

Make Your Own iPhone Projector in Minutes With This Cool DIY Project. This little trick works by the light of the cellphone going through the magnifying glass and than being projected onto the wall or projector screen. Homemade smartphone projector – 9GAG has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos on the web. We are your best source of happiness and awesomeness. Smartphone Projector: Transform your mobile device into a big screen. On youtube I saw a few DIY projectors, with a shoebox.