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3 Make your own shelf dividers (using boxes and/or DIY spacers from things you have around the house) to start using that top-most shelf in your closet. Hang these on a wall or the back of a door and use them like shelves! I was tackling one of the most embarrassing areas in my house, the linen closet, when I hit a speed bump: wire shelf dividers were costly for what they are and didn’t have a good track record.

diy shelf dividers for closets 2Closets can be the bane of your existence. Take some tips from these spaces. Expert tips and strategies for conquering chaos and creating closets that work. Stacks of shirts, folded linens, and other closet items often need help to keep from toppling into disarray. Wooden shelf brackets used as dividers do the job nicely.

Having closet shelf dividers is a wonderful way to add organization to existing storage space in a cramped closet. Closet Pages guides people in using Closet through their DIY Closet System solution, a consumer resource website that fills the closet industry niche. Wire shelf dividers effortlessly slide on to closet shelves and create instant structure for messy piles of sweaters, shirts, towels, linens and more. I have seen pictures of linen closets sporting fantastic little dividers to prevent the dreaded towel/sheet mashup. I know that the middle shelf’s dividers are closer together than its brother’s below. I had googled DIY shelf dividers and located your data on Hometalk.

Turn To Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers will instantly make your closet (and linen closet) look tidier and more organized. A pegboard on the inside of your closet door can be one of the most helpful DIY installation projects you can add to your closet. Linen closet organization ideas for the small home challenged. The chrome shelf dividers keep everything looking neat. Looking to organize your closet this year? Shop closet shelves, shelf dividers, and other shelf accessories at Wayfair. Receive free shipping on orders over 49!. This simple shelf-and-rod system will bring order to your cluttered closet and double the storage space. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine. Measure your closet dimensions and cut the plywood vertical dividers and shelves to size (Figure A). Posted in: Blog,DIY,Popular Posts. Another tip on how to organize a closet is to arrange your clothes by color. Check out our 11 ideas for how to organize a closet for FREE and enjoy your closet for once. It’s easy and will eliminate any start of the day stress. Divide up your shelf space with home made shelf dividers. Achieve the look above by using cardboard boxes office archive type boxes are best but see what you can get hold of for free. Also read our buying guide, FAQs, DIY options & how to organize.

Make Your Own Closet Shelf Dividers

Store clothes on shelves more efficiently with shelf dividers. If you or someone who loves you is extra handy, you could make this DIY organizer for a small closet. Keep bags from getting wrinkled up with cheap shelf dividers. 15 Top Bedroom Closet Organization Hacks And Ideas. Posted By MMK on Sep 30, 2014.