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Here’s another tip for Bed Bath and Beyond: If you buy a series of items and you’re without a coupon, they’ll often let you return to the store for a rebate when you do get coupons in the mail. It looks like the only reason you shop at Bed Bath & Beyond in the first place might be disappearing: The company is reportedly in financial trouble because they ve conditioned their customers to never pay full price for anything. How can you save while shopping at Bed,Bath and Beyond? But you do have to put in a little work to maximize your stash of coupons to the great beyond. Physical Coupons: One of the blue rectangles with 20 plastered on one side arrives every couple of weeks, but they expire usually about a month after they re delivered.

do bed bath & beyond coupons expire 2LPT: Bed Bath and Beyond accepts expired coupons r/LifeProTips at Well now they can do returns with your credit or debit card for up to a year. Everyone knows you should always bring a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon with you when you shop at the store. E-mail and text message coupons actually do expire. Bed Bath & Beyond’s famous 20 off coupons may not be around much longer. Which leads us to the bad news: While we don’t know exactly how Bed Bath & Beyond plans to respond, we do know they promised investors they’d scale back on these kinds of promotions (and earlier this year, they made their return policy stricter, too).

Although Bed Bath & Beyond’s coupons all have expiration dates, company policy is to accept them nonetheless. This allows shoppers to collect thick stacks of them and use them at their leisure. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but I have a couple of expired Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons and was wondering if they’d still honor them? My wife is always shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond and she is always using expired coupons. She suckered me into going with her a few weeks ago and she had one coupon from 2007 that wouldn’t scan.

Lpt: Bed Bath And Beyond Accepts Expired Coupons

However, the store will always take expired coupons. I also found out that if you forget your coupons (which I often do, especially when it’s an unexpected visit to BBB while I’m out running other errands) you can bring JUST your receipt back along with the coupon(s) an they will give you a price adjustment! Now that’s great customer service go bbb!. Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond, by Fan of Retail, Flickr Creative Commons All those bedroom, bath and kitchenware items that are essential to setting up an. (Personally, I’ve used dozens of expired BBB coupons with no questions asked.) If your expired coupon is refused, ask to talk to the manager and explain that you thought it was their store policy to accept expired coupons. Can’t do live support and you’re killing my traffic. BuyBuyBaby accepts non-expired Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. Also, as another poster mentioned, BBB will price match Amazon, but they will not do that AND accept a coupon. Buy Buy Baby: Not only can you use coupons from sibling store Bed Bath and Beyond, but the store also accepts expired coupons. They could have even expired before your baby was born!. You have to love those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. The housewares retailer not only gives you 20 percent or 5 off a single item for in-store purchases, but its coupons also never expire, no matter the expiration date stamped. It also doesn’t help that the coupons don’t expire. What do you think?

Ubiquitous Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons Hitting The Company’s Margins

Bed Bath and Beyond is one of the great marketing genius who are providing their customers something extra by providing exciting coupons. Expired Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupon. These have expired, but they may still work. Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons can actually be used indefinitely.