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Just how does a breadbox work, anyway? Bread, I learned, has to breathe for its crust to stay crisp, and that is why it suffocates in a plastic bag or in the refrigerator. Do bread boxes work for this? If so, what kind do I get? You won’t really see the moisture, because the bread soaks it up. This is a bad thing because moisture is what allows mold to grow. Do breadboxes really make a difference in keeping breads fresh? How long do the loaves stay fresh in them? My wife is thinking about getting back into baking bread and I’d love for the end result to last longer than.

do bread boxes really work 2Using a bread box keeps your bread fresh many days longer than using gross plastic bags!. Tin bread boxes were actually quite common as well Aria, and they work great too! Do you know if cedar would work for a breadbox? Bread + refrigerator mold-free longer and totally stale the whole time. Plastic bags are appropriate for soft-crusted sandwich breads, as the plastic traps in moisture, preventing the loaf from drying out. Hard-crusted, fresh breads, on the other hand, need breathable storage, like paper or cloth bags, bread boxes or ventilated drawers so that a bit of moisture can escape, ensuring the crust stays nice and firm. The final note when it comes to bread storage and freshness is that unlike the fridge, the freezer is actually your friend. Here’s how it works: Anybody can ask a question. What is a bread box for, and do all types of bread boxes accomplish the intended purpose? Some people don’t actually like the wooden bread boxes, because the smell of the wood used can transfer to the bread.

Editor: Readers, how do you like to store homemade sandwich bread? I’m not really up on homemade bread, but I think in the first, say, half a day, it is venting moisture and could get nasty if wrapped in plastic. My mother-in-law bought me some plastic loaf-shaped breadboxes and all they did was make the bread get moldy faster, by holding in the moisture. My grandma always used one but never told me: Does bread really last longer if stored in a bread basket? Should it be stored in the fridge? Why do some bread bins cost so much?. I need a bread box that will work that is dark and dry to keep the humidity away.

Using A Bread Box

do bread boxes really work 3Bread should be stored out of direct sunlight. This is why bread boxes work really well – they keep the bread in a cool, dark location. They can even be trendy and match the theme of your kitchen, though their size might be prohibitive. That said, a stylish kitchen does start with getting rid of the clutter, so find a bread storage option that works for you, while keeping your kitchen area looking and feeling free of encumbrances. I’ll also provide a reason or two, as to why places so many think are ideal for bread and buns, are not really such a great idea. Read the Bread boxes? discussion from the Chowhound food community. Now that you mention it, our bread box is really handy. The goal is to keep the humidity in the bread box just right; the vent holes in the box allow some of the moisture from the bread to escape. This gives the end-user less flexibility as to where to do the cutting, though, than with those boxes providing a separate cutting board. She works with her clients to de-clutter and organize the stuff and the papers in their homes and offices. I really thought it might help ward off drying out, but only after the first 24 hours or so, when it’s starting to go stale. Please keep us. how your microwave bread box works for you. You can store other baked goods in a Bread Bin as well — they do a dandy job of keeping croissants interesting. Bread Bins are still widely used in the UK.

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Does anyone use one of those acrylic bread keepers (like KAF has)? I believe the newer Tupperware bread boxes also have lids that have ventilation slots in them. Are there some kinds of bread boxes that work better than others? Do you keep bread in the bag in the breadbox? They just trap moisture in the air and cause it to condense in the box overnight, actually hastening mold. Some people refrigerate their bread to help it last longer. Does this really work? More Answers Below. Do breadboxes actually work to preserve bread, or are they merely aesthetic? We had no idea how well these are and how fresh they really do. keep everything. Debbie Meyer’s GreenBoxes Breadboxes do exactly what she says – keeps food fresh!

I actually have this exact breadbox but it’s not painted. Butter pecan/white/yellow cake mix will work. Before I started using the airtight cannisters we always had a bread box in a cupboard. I really wish that THEY would just be happy with toast! I have one and it does keep the bread fresher! Waste of money and just another thing to clutter up the work-surfaces. I keep thinking that I need one and then I look at them, the awkward design and consider the amount of bread we actually eat in a week and I change my mind. Unfortunately, once a loaf is sliced, it does not remain fresh for very long, unless air is kept from it. But any kind of tin or bread box will work, as long as the lid fits tightly enough to keep air out. Is there really anyway to be plastic FREE? Many here will be to young to remember bread boxes. They really do work. Right now Tuesday Morning has one made in Italy I think that is made from clay like a flower pot.