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Is it better to install tile flooring under kitchen cabinets or not? One contractor is quoting to install the tile flooring then install new kitchen cabinets on top, the second recommend installing cabinets first then lay the tile. If you DO tile in under the cabinets, there is no water seal at the cabinet base as there would be if there was base or shoe put there, which would stop water from going under the cabinets. Therefore, if you get a leak, spill on the floor, or flood the floor, the liquid will go in under the cabinet base along the lower grout lines and can mold there, or cause delamination of the base plywood or veneer, and soak into the subfloor. Personally I prefer to have the tile installed before the cabinets when possible. You won’t loose counter top height due to the cabinets being sunk down below the tile, (you could looses as much as of an inch or possibly more). Do be careful, if you have 8′ ceilings and tall upper cabinets with crown moldings up to the ceiling: raising the cabinets to the new floor level may throw off the standard dimension of the backsplash area. Can you install the cabinets after the tile is in? On wood floors, install cabinets on top of wood. All you have to do is pull the kick off, remove the old floor covering, install the new flooring, then put the kick back. Then install cabinets, then the tiles can go down.

do cabinets go on top of tile 2I’ve decided to use tile in the kitchen. Now, the floor is plywood so I could just tile over it but I’d rat. May be just go 3′ out and do a L? Or angle back? Electric should be finished tomorrow so as soon as insulation and drywall is done I want to get the cabinets in ASAP before the snow flies. Hi everyone, I’ll be installing ceramic tile over a concrete slab in our kitchen during the impending remodel. So for ceramic tile I would do the entire floor then set the cabinets. Tiling afterwards also gives you the option of shifting the grid around after the cabinets go in which would allow you to minimize the odd looking skinny tiles that could end up against the toe area. Afterwards, install the cabinets on top of the tile. In the professional world kitchen cabinets go in first then finish flooring, we do not have trouble cutting flooring.

Q: Can I install new kitchen cabinets on top of a floating floor? True solid hardwood can go under kitchen cabinets. I’m planning of redoing our kitchen and currently we have ceramic tile that is very unforgiving on glassware and your back. Should I have the tile put under the island and the cabinets? I once had to take off a 12-ft counter top, with the sink in it, and the back splash with it, to replace a dishwasher because the recently installed tile on backer board floor had made a 3/4-inch lip that the dishwasher cound not be lifted over without removing counter top. Easy to do when the room os a bit off and you just go with measure off this wall. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Tile first and then cabinets over the tile. IMO flooring should go down 1st but I am asked to do it the other way alot now and it comes out pretty decent.

Tile Under Cabinets Or Around?

Many homeowners wonder whether they should install kitchen cabinets or floors first. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of either order. Browse our selection of top quality flooring here. Do you provide instructions on installing the tile? Total newbie question: Should the tiles go under our cabinets? In my opinion it is much more of a professional look to have the cabinets on top of the tile. And if you ever do have your kitchen layout changed the tile will already be there if an new area is going to be exposed. What do you suggest – to tile the entire kitchen floor first then install cabinets? Or install cabinets and then lay tile floor. The actual toe kick board would go over the stone, instead of butting the stone against the board. In a kitchen, should I install the cabinets before the floor or the floor before the cabinets? Which should I do first? – Install new hardwood floors or put in new kitchen cabinets and appliances?. It is no fun to replace hardwood, tile or vinyl with the cabinets over the top. By going up to the cabinet base and then installing the kicker over the floor, you get the same net result. Hardwood or tile can go under the cabinets because they will outlast the cabinets in most cases. If you are going to lay hardwood then I recommend to do the flooring first. 1) Tile entire floor, then puts cabinets in 2) Put cabinets in, then tile floor It would be easier for me to do option 1, regarding the tile work, put i’m concerned about the weight of everything on my new floor. It would be easier for me to do option 1, regarding the tile work, put i’m concerned about the weight of everything on my new floor. I also work ‘top down’.

Flooring First, Or Cabinets?

If we tile after, it will cut into the kickboard of the cabinets maybe 50mm which shouldn’t be a problem for us, but is there anything else we should be aware of? What have other people done? Thanks. We are wondering whether to get the tiling done first, i.e. tile the entire kitchen floor and then install the cabinets over the floor, or install the cabinets directly onto the concrete floor, and then tile up to the cabinets. Our kitchen installer insisted on having the cabinets installed first and it does look much better. Tiles without cutting around cabinets go in much quicker (cheaper), look neater and you can change your Kitchen around later with the option of not having to re-tile. Do you have a finished kitchen photo you want to share with us? Cabinets styles will come and go and they over time they need to be replaced from wear and tear. By the way, if you do have water damage in the kitchen and it’s caused by a mechanical issue, this is often covered by homeowner’s insurance and/or the warranty on the kitchen appliance. Kitchen floors: Is hardwood or tile better? We’re having a new tile floor put in our new bathroom. Should the vanity go on top of the tile, or should it go in before the tile so the tile only goes to the edge and not underneath? If you have the option to tile under the vanity, do so. Unlike kitchen cabinets which cover large areas, bathroom vanities are generally small, so setting the vanity over the tile isn’t necessarily bad either, assuming it can be set flat on the tile.

One of the top mistakes in a partial remodel: changing the kitchen flooring, and nothing else. Where’s the mistake, you ask? Let’s say you decide not to replace your old 1970s cabinets, but the horrible white vinyl floor has Oh well, we’ll just install tile/wood up to the dishwasher and leave it. So do yourself a favor: before you decide on your flooring for your partial remodel, check how tight the dishwasher is to the underside of the counter. The cabinets are already installed at floor level. Do we tile under the range and dishwasher or up to them? You risk chipping tile if someone tries to pull it out and they’re not aware that the tile doesn’t go all the way back. I cracked the egg on the countertop and, while I was carrying it over to the pan on the stove, the shell failed. Tile can be laid directly on top of an existing tile floor as long as the old floor has been cleaned thoroughly first. What should I do if a cabinet already exists? does backerboard go uptight to cabinet, and would silicone be appropriate between the tile/wood cabinet. Pink cabinets, pink tiled countertops. This picture is blurry, but you get it. This was an experiment to pour concrete over the top of existing countertops. And I must say, it has worked out so far! There are a couple cracks, but ALL concrete cracks. But I was so beaten-down and mad at myself over the Cabinet Drama that I thought it’d be smarter to choose something a little safer. We ended up opting for very dark cabinets, middle tone granite and white subway tile backsplash and I do love it, but it looks dark to me. I’ve been choosing each thing (cabinet color, paint, counters, floors) as I go along, just one thing at a time, instead of having a solid design in mind and sticking to the plan.