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Benchtraining voor je hond of puppy. Terwijl sommige mensen benchtraining wreed en onnodig vinden, heeft het eigenlijk veel voordelen en is het minder stressvol voor je hond dan wordt gedacht. Bench training and bench showing your dog is fun, easy and allows quality time for you and your dog. Basically the bench show is a conformation show where your dog stands on a show bench and is inspected by a show judge. Few things can be as infuriating as your puppy not wanting to be in its bench or messing inside its bench. Bench training — or crate training as it is often called — is the best way to keep your new puppy safe and happy.

dog bench training 2Crate training, when done properly, is a kind and effective component in house-training your new puppy or dog. Dogs are den animals. What if, at your local pet-supply store, you could purchase a dog-training tool that would make your dog weaker, klutzier, and less intelligent? And what if this tool increased your dog’s frustration and fearfulness about the world and made him or her less likely to bond with you? Would you buy it? Of course not! Yet, millions of these tools are sold every year to unsuspecting American dog lovers who want the absolute best for their dogs. This was a pleasant surprise after training dogs for years that had no desire to retrieve at all. A bench or table that raises the dog off the ground is handy but not absolutely necessary.

Crate Training Your Siberian Husky Many people feel it is cruel to crate a puppy or a dog. All those negative associations about cages and zoos and such.

Crate Training

Crate Training A Siberian Husky