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The NIGHTLOCK Door Brace is a barricade for doorways that uses the strength of the floor and can withstand tremendous force (1,950 lbs). Unlike an adjustable bar brace or broomstick in the door, NIGHTLOCK Patio anchors securely to the ground and uses the strength of the floor to keep your sliding door securely shut. 1 Home of STRIKEMASTER II Pro Door Frame Reinforcement. I caution against the door security bar. 2×4 door barricade brackets. For home invasions this is usually the front door to the home or apartment. We realized the most difficult homes to force entry into were ones that used a bar to barricade the door and was secured into the studs of the door frame.

door barricade bar 2Shop our selection of Door Reinforcement in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. Master Lock Dual-Function Adjustable Door Security Bar. Find great deals on eBay for Door Security Bar in Home Security Systems and Parts. Shop with confidence. Door Barricade. This is a medieval-style bar across the interior of the door; if you want in, you’ll need to brake the bar, tear out the brackets or completely destroy the door itself. With a steel bar and sturdy, well-installed brackets, this kind of barricade can stand up to a lot of abuse.

Door Alarm Home Security Bar For the best Fayetteville NC home inspection, people trust the professional home inspectors at Patriot Home Inspections. NIGHTLOCK Security Door Barricade helps prevent door Kick ins, Burglary and Home Invasion. Window security screens. Air conditioner screens. Air conditioner security bars. Window security bars. Steel security bars. Door barricade. Steel security screen doors. Crossbar door – locks fully welded, durable C-channel, unique design makes it impossible for bolt cutters to penetrate and difficult for hack-saws to cut. We manufacture two styles of door barricade or crossbar door bars (made to fit the standard modular door 36 x 80 ).

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door barricade bar 3Unfortunately, 38 of violent crimes occur at home and over 51 result in physical injury. Use the bulldog door security bar to secure your home and let not. A Barricade Bolt is a bar placed horizontally across a door that engages strikes on both sides of the door-frame. Brackets (or strikes) attach to the door-jamb with screws. Barracuda Door Barricade Designed to Thwart Active Shooters. Door jammers vary widely in product type and price; solid metal bars that hook under your doorknob and brace on the floor inside your door, smaller metal portable devices that act as a superior door stop, and metal plates that wrap around your door jamb and locks that are installed into your door and frame. EXIT SECURITY INC. – Exit Door Security Bars 72 inches for double doors. Easy to install. Protect your building with these Steel Exit Security Bars.

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