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I have an 06 silverado. i know the door chime comes out of the speakers. anybody know a way to fool the truck into thinking the door is shut so. OK, so how can I play my stereo when I have the doors open on my truck without having to listen to the door chime? It seems no position on the ignition will allow me to play the radio while having the doors open without the stupid door chime going ding, ding ding. On my 2015 Silverado the chime is very loud. Is there a way to turn it down or off.

door chime silverado 2I don’t know why most vehicles have a chime that beeps when you open the door with the key in the ignition, but they don’t beep over something important like low oil pressure or overheating. Anyway, is there a way I can disable this feature on our 2006 Silverado? How To Disable the Door Open Chime – posted in How To: This actaully works! 2003 Silverado SS with Magnacharger Radix supercharger. Can anyone tell me how to deactivate the door chime when the key is in the ignition and the door is open? This is on a 2004 Silverado LS 5.3.

So i just got XM in my truck, and when im working in the garage or outside i just usually back my truck up, open the door and listen to it, but i. 2004 1500 Silverado 5.3L 4X4 Undercover Tonneau Cover Sport-Rite air bags Carbon bow-tie. Key in, turn key to first click (radio on but not ignition), door open, dinger goin’, wait 30 seconds, then press both H and M buttons. Does anyone know if EFI Live can turn off that annoying chime when i open the door with the key in the ignition?? Or how else i can get rid of it if.

How Do You Turn Off The Door Chime?

door chime silverado 3I lost door chimes not long after I bought my truck. Does anyone know how to disable the door chimes on a 2003 chevy? They play through the left front speaker. They’ve been driving me crazy ever since I installed my speakers and amp because it’s so loud. Vehicle: 2008 Chevy Silverado LT All my chimes, warning sounds and my driver side speakers come in and out. Where is the door switch located. Vehicles Affected: About 57,500 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 full-size pickup trucks, 2015 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups, and 2015 Chevy and GMC SUVs (Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Yukon XL). I recall (no pun intended) a Top Gear episode where Clarkson went on and on making fun of Americans and their cars with door chimes and key chimes. Someone at Chevy was definately paranoid about locking the keys in their vehicle as the door chime is over ambitious and doesn’t seem to be want to allow you the joy of having the door open with the ignition off and the radio on. ‘there is no way to shut off the door chime that normally goes thru the radio to the speaker’. Thus Amp’ing up the factory bose radio causes the chime to be amped as well.

Turning Off, Unplugging, Or Destroying The Door Chime!?

The door open chime is annoying. Anyone know how to turn this off? Or do I need to take it to the dealer. 2015 Canyon AT. I have a 99 Silverado that will not quit dinging. It’s the fast ding too. You will see the speaker for the chime, it’s about the size of a silver dollar. I saw a post on unsoldering the chime for the door open with the key in the ignition and others brought up good points, like the chime having other functions. Hello, i’m going to be installing a set of comps, amp and a processor into my truck and am unsure how to approach the door chime issue.

My door chime sound reminder chime whatever wont shut off when im driving, stops when truck is in park or when at a stop sign and am completely stopped. Used Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. Remove open door chime? 5th Gen Camaro SS LS LT General Discussions. It chimes constantly while I am driving and is very annoying. I disconnected the 10amp fuse and it stopped ringing but now the doors don’t lock with the fob,the dome lights and the head lights all.