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Luckily, there’s an easy way to size up what you’re dealing with: their door decoration of choice. Your RA will try to play them off as some meta, MC Escher-esque idea, but don’t be fooled. Complete a Door Tag and Bulletin Board Ideas Form. Help us build an archive of project ideas for Door Tags and Bulletin Boards. Download the form and save it to your computer. Ra Ideas, Fall Doors, Doors Decs, Doors Tags, Life Ideas, Floor Decs Ra, Fall Door Decs Ra, Diy, Camps Doors Make paper candy corn out of circles 5 Minute Candy Corn Tags tutorial – put these on your Halloween goodie bags! Candy Corn Tags Instructions tutorial uses spellbinder circles.

door deck ideas for ra 2Door decorations, bulletin boards, advice, humor, inspiration and resources for professional and paraprofessional. Yesterday marked a year since I got offered an RA position at my university, and I’ve been reflecting a lot on my experience thus far. My new door tag. Are you a college resident assistant or advisor? Are you searching for creative door decorations? Looking for door tags that are unique and fun? Want something other than a bland name door tag? These are great for freshman and sophomore dorms, but of course, they are perfect for any college dorms. Love these ideas! some door dec ideas for my RA friends!:D,DIY,DIY and crafts,Mom’s board,Possible Projects,.

No idea why you are downvoted here. This was my exact thought. This is amazing. I am also an RA who is doing Game of thrones themed hall. Each of us had a door dec with a different one of the major houses. I had Targaryen and my roommate had Arryn. Program Ideas. Door Dec Ideas. Glass Jar Frames. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece. Food Storage Recipes and Food Storage Videos: Homemade Slime. Which means colorful welcome messages on my residents’ doors! I’m first year RA and I’m going to training soon. I am trying to think of door-dec ideas.

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door deck ideas for ra 3Also responsible for making a door dec for each RA and office staff. Tips Can match the theme of the floorBe orginal and creative Make sure you have spelling rightMake sure it’s readable Take your time and have funNo last names By Khalilah Rashada ResourcesIf you ever are stumped on ideas or ways to do a project, these are some great resources to help:PinterestResident Assistant WebsitesOther RA’sMagazines The internet in general Recommended for each semester It helps makes the floor feel homey and invitingTips Be gender neutral Think of the residenceBe common but creative Don’t be overwhelming Put decorations in camera veiw to help stop vandalizationAsk for people perspectiveBe sure to put your room number somewhere in decorations. I got the idea for the video after I ruptured a disc in my back and needed emergency surgery, recalls Commerford.

I’m An Ra And Did A Game Of Thrones Themed Floor This Year!