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The type of RA you have can either help make or break your first year of college. Luckily, there’s an easy way to size up what you’re dealing. I found a bunch of my old ideas for Door Decs, Bulletin Boards, AND Programs. Here are my X-Files themed Door Decorations & Bulletin Board ( Edit: For those of you unfamiliar with what an RA is, it stands for Resident Assistant.

door decorations ra 2Think Outside the. Bulletin Board Some tips and ideas for your bulletin boards and door decs! Here are some pretty awesome bulletin boards. RA Things: Door Decorations. So a few posts ago I mentioned for the first time that I work as an RA or Resident Assistant at my University. Hello I’m Rachael and I am a Resident Assistant at my college!

17 RAs You Wish You Had In College. The one who got creative with their door tags. Tagged:college, dorm, dorm life, ra, res life, viral, lol. Posts about door decs written by theraguide. The RA Guide. Sources of inspiration for Resident Advisors. Menu. Skip to content. Home About. Tag door decs. I was hanging up door decs and there’s this pair of legs, she said.

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door decorations ra 3Resident doors, by contrast, belonged to the informal student culture. So there will be NO door decs, NO bulletin boards, nothing. The reason why is that we have been having vandalism complaints and the RA’s On Duty always see some type of vandalism which is why we are doing this, to deter those who have done it. With that in mind, here’s a list of things pretty much every R.A. wants to tell their residents. Please appreciate the door decs, I mean, door decorations, that we did for you. A blog dedicated to door decoration and bulletin board ideas. One l’s experience under my belt, and hioping for many more!. Follow for decoration ideas! Star Wars Door Decs Update I’ve gotten a few more door decs done:) I’m obsessing and can’t wait to get started with my Star Wars floor!.

17 Ras You Wish You Had In College